7 ways to organize your Netflix queue

If you’re anything like us, you’re a little obsessed with Netflix — from all the binge-worthy original content to the endless list of our favorite classics. It’s all right there at our fingertips, so what’s not to love? But if you’ve been using the streaming service for a while now, your Netflix queue might not be the most organized. Let’s be honest, it’s probably so messy that you don’t even use it anymore. But we’re hoping to change that.

You’ve probably added a lot of things to your Netflix queue that you haven’t even thought of since. You know what we’re talking about — those really long documentaries and foreign films your friends recommended two years ago. Seriously, who has the time to keep up with a seemingly endless scroll of movies and TV series, especially when there are new titles added every day?

But don’t worry, it’s never too late to organize your Netflix queue, and we’ve got some helpful tips to get you started.

1Get rid of anything older than you are.

We know, we know, but just hear us out. You’ve had your entire existence to watch these films, and you haven’t. Chances are you won’t be watching them tonight either, and if there’s no sense of immediacy then maybe it shouldn’t be in the queue. At least for now!

2There’s an app for that…

Keep up with and organize your Netflix queue with one of the many third-party apps dedicated to doing just that. These apps will help you keep up with your queue and quickly add/delete content on the go.

3Rate more movies.

Netflix spends countless hours and millions of dollars perfecting their video recommendation algorithm — that’s the thing that selects all the movies and TV shows in the “Top Picks” section of your account. By rating more movies and TV shows you actually enjoy, Netflix’s recommendations will be more in line with your taste and you will add better choices to your queue (and more importantly, actually watch them).

4Create profiles for everyone.


If you share your account with family and friends, we recommend you create separate profiles for each user. If your little sister spent an entire day watching cartoons and adding to your queue, your Netflix suggestions page will now be full of toddler-friendly content. Creating separate profiles prevents confusion and keeps your queue a little more organized.

5Check the ratings…

Listen, time is valuable and you should watch the very best Netflix has to offer. If your queue has anything with a rating below 3.0, you should consider deleting. Unless it’s something you have a real interest in watching.

6Delete titles you don’t recognize.


If you can’t easily identify the item in your queue based solely on its title, then you should delete it. We know you recognized that one actress from that really great movie you saw a few years ago, but the likelihood of you committing to watching something that doesn’t really stand out to you is pretty low.

7Be honest with yourself!

This one is tough but it’ll probably make the biggest difference. Take a long, hard look at your queue and ask yourself: “Will I ever REALLY watch this?” And if the answer is “No,” get to deleting.

We hope this helps, and happy organizing!

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