7 ways people who don’t go out on weekends are living their best lives

There’s a certain energy in the air when Friday rolls around, no matter what the season. People start closing their laptops a little earlier than usual, making plans for drinks and brunch, and scrolling through their dating apps looking for dinner dates. It’s almost like it’s mandatory to “do something” over the weekend. But depending on your personality, weekends are sometimes the worst times to go out on the town. Seriously, you gotta admit, the people who don’t go out on weekends are living their very best lives.

Let’s be honest: It takes a certain kind of person to feel OK about staying in on Friday and Saturday nights. Probably because, since high school, we’ve all been trained to feel like the “cool kids” are out and about over the weekend, and curling up with book and indulging your interests is not cool. If you have a certain kinds of anxiety, it can actually be more stressful to stay in with all of your FOMO than head out to a party where you don’t know that many people.

People who don’t go out on weekends enjoy their own company.

Opting out of that party life on the weekends is definitely a choice. But there are so many perks for people who don’t go out on weekends. Here are just a few.

1They don’t ruin their brunches with hangovers.

For a lot of people, going out actually means hanging out at a bar or party hopping with friends, which can obviously be fun. But it’s crazy how much better you’ll start to feel if you just stay in and don’t booze it up over the weekends. You’ll feel better, get your day started earlier, and not have to stress out about the drunk texts you sent out in the Uber on your way home.

2They have time for their actual interests.

We love a good party as much as the next person, but trying to talk to strangers over beers is not exactly a hobby. When you stop going out on the weekends, there’s time to cultivate your actual interests (or figure out what they are). The time you would be spending in line at a club can be better spent doing other things, even if that’s just watching movies in your bed and eating ice cream. Since you don’t get in late and skipped the tequila shots, Saturday and Sunday mornings are so much better. You have more energy to hit that spin class, explore the farmer’s market, or you know, basically do whatever you want.

3They save cash money.

This is a little side perk of not caring about missing the bar scene on a Saturday night: Going out costs money. Like, a lot of it. Covers to get in, drinks, cab rides home…it adds up. Think about what your bank account would look like if you weren’t dropping so much cash over the weekend. How are you going to use all of your savings?! (Hmm, maybe on all those hobbies you now totally have time and energy for.)

4They don’t have to “fake it.”

The best part about staying in on the weekends is that you don’t have to do things you don’t want to do just for the sake of being there. If you’re tired and cranky, you can just be tired and cranky, without putting on your happy face. Feel like a dance party all by yourself? Get at it. Whatever you’re in the mood for on the weekends, it definitely doesn’t have to be smiling and nodding while hanging out with your friends’ coworkers (seriously, how did you get roped into this?).

5They still have amazing friendships.

Yes, you can make quality friends by hanging out at the bar. But a lot of times, the people you meet out on the party scene are just that — party friends. It’s hard to get to know a person if you only meet them when you’re drinking (or in a club so loud you can’t hear yourself think). A lot of times, these acquaintances aren’t going to have your back when you’re a rough moment or even just want to do something during the day. You can make some more quality friendships staying in. Especially if they want to come hang in your kitchen on a Saturday night and talk about life.

6They’re getting more rest.

Whether you’re drinking on the weekends are not, you’ll be getting better rest if you’re staying in on the weekends. If you’re out until 4 a.m., you’re just not getting a lot of sleep no matter what. And getting more sleep has so many perks: Your skin will look better and you’ll more energy to go do something fun during the day.

7Their love lives are better. 

If you’re already in a relationship, staying in and getting it on is the *best* weekend activity. If you’re single, meeting people at bars or clubs is just not good. Yes, it can be fun, but the relationship is likely to not go too far (especially if you’re hooking up drunk, which can be fun, but let’s be real, it’s not…awesome). When you stay in on the weekends, you can work on your mental health and interests, so when you talk to a guy on a Bumble, you actually have something to talk about.

So there you have it. Staying in on the weekends is actually the best, which if you’ve done it, is not new information to you.