7 Ways to Make the Perfect Iced Coffee at Home

Bad news, coffee lovers: mornings are about to about to become a little bit more expensive. As of 6/24, a Grande or Venti drink at Starbucks will cost 10-15 cents more than it used to, and expect to be paying about $1 more for bagged Starbucks coffee beans at the supermarket. What is the cause behind this tragedy? Well, we (Brazil, technically) are currently experiencing one of the worst droughts, ever. In the spring time, Arabica coffee plants that grow in the Brazilian mountains begin to mature and produce coffee beans, which the entire world eventually consumes. However, it hardly rained in Brazil this year, and consequently coffee crops dried out and shriveled.

You’re safe to assume Starbucks won’t be the last coffee shop to raise prices. While this is a bummer, it doesn’t mean you have to forgo your daily fancy coffee. And since it’s summer, I thought I would share a few icy recipes. Here are some wallet-friendly ways to make delicious coffee at home (and without an espresso machine, because do we look like we’re made of dollar bills?):

1. Nutella Iced Coffee

Who said you need to go out and buy all kinds of fancy syrups and sauces in order to make a tasty drink? All this recipe requires is a blender, coffee, milk, and Nutella. Simply perfection.

Recipe from: Miss in the Kitchen

2. Skinny Vanilla Iced Coffee

To be honest with you (as always!), my weapon of choice at any coffee shop is a regular old vanilla iced coffee. Preferably from Dunkin’ Donuts because it’s unsweetened, but Coffee Bean and Starbucks make a mean cup of vanilla coffee as well. Making your own iced vanilla coffee is SUPER simple! You just need coffee, skim milk (or almond milk — I try to avoid soy milk, because it curdles) vanilla extract, and a tiny bit of Stevia for sweetness.

Recipe from: ifoodreal

3. Pumpkin Spiced Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Just because it’s June, doesn’t mean I can’t hearken back to my autumnal tendencies. If you’re unwilling to pay flavored latte prices, yet want a dessert drink, try this coffee recipe out. You’ll need pumpkin spiced syrup, some fresh-brewed coffee, half and half and condensed milk. If you’ve never tried a Vietnamese iced coffee, just know that it’s super rich, super sweet, and super caffeinated.

Recipe from: Food Plus Words

4. Coffee Frap with Sweet Cream Whip and Salted Caramel Drizzle 

Since this drink is practically melted butter with a few tablespoons of coffee, you must be truly committed to the cause if you decide to create this. It calls for pre-made iced coffee, Smucker’s caramel syrup, Coldstone Sweet Cream coffee creamer, whipping cream and a dash of salt.

Recipe from: Dukes and Duchesses 

5. Perfect Iced Coffee

If you love yourself a cold brew, try this recipe out. It’s super simple, and I swear by it every single time I make cold brew coffee (which, by the way, is stronger and less acidic than drip coffee). Pour eight quarts of water over a pound of coffee, stir, cover and forget about it for eight hours. Then pour the mixture into another container through a mesh strainer layered with cheese cloths. Use the top of a spoon to press out as much liquid as possible from the cheesecloth and let it drip down into your container. Refrigerate and enjoy.

Recipe from: The Pioneer Woman

6. Low-Cal Mocha Mint Iced Coffee

This drink is kind of like a Shamrock Shake but better because it has coffee in it, and it’s super easy to make year-round. Just mix a cup of mocha flavored coffee with a drop of peppermint extract, then pour over ice. Swirl some whipped cream on top and sprinkle with green sugar.

Recipe from: Brie Brie Blooms

7. Italian Cream Iced Coffee

If you like your coffee sweet, but not too sweet, try this recipe out. It shows you how to make the iced coffee, step-by-step, and you can add the Italian sweet cream flavor to your liking. All you really need is some coffee, water, cinnamon, Splenda and Coffee Mate Italian Sweet Cream creamer.

Recipe from: The Vintage Modern Wife

Viva la coffee, Gigglers!