7 Unlikely Oscar Friendships

What’s the best thing about award shows? The dresses are fun to check out, sure. Seeing the awards handed out to deserving individuals in the film industry is cool too, I guess. Listening to Jennifer Lawrence talk about how hungry she is will no doubt life your spirits. But there’s absolutely nothing more fun than watching Hollywood worlds collide into moments of random celeb elbow-rubbing.

The candid shots from the Vanity Fair after-party give you an inside look at how A-list faces rock out after a busy year and a grueling (but fabulous) award season. Inevitably, there will be friends kicking back with friends, there will be dancing, adult beverages will be consumed, and celebs who wouldn’t normally meet get the chance to party together. How rad is that?!

So here they are. Some of the best and most surprising bestie moments from past Oscar® parties.

1. Diddy and Ben Stiller

Despite the prominent funny bones these two fellas possess, I still would never automatically assume they’d know each other well enough to grab a fro-yo. And maybe they haven’t. (Would Diddy be a fruit or candy topping kind of guy, you think? Hmmmm) But Ben Stiller did star in Diddy’s music video “Bad Boy for Life,” back when Diddy still had the “P.” in his name. Looks like they’re still bros.

2. Helena Bonham and Michael Douglas

I have tremendous respect for both of these actors, but I absolutely LOVE how bored she looks. You’d think Hollywood actors would be the best at schmoozing and easily turning on the charm. Helena Bonham Carter has no need for any of that though. She does what she wants, says what she wants, and wears what she wants without worrying about landing on anyone’s “worst” list. Which is really what makes her such a glorious woman.

3. Anne Hathaway and Sarah Silverman

Both extremely talented, but with extremely different strengths, I’m not sure how these two would’ve crossed paths. Have they ever been in a movie together? The imdb section of my brain says no. I’d like to think Sarah is just what Anne needs in terms of ‘the brutally honest friend.’ Know what I mean? And with Anne’s brilliant sense of humor, I’m sure she’d appreciate the bluntness.

4. Miley Cyrus and Steven Tyler

These two might be the least surprising buds of the bunch. At this point, she’s practically a young female version of him. Even though they’ve earned their celeb status through incredible musical ability and wild fashion/life choices, I could totally see these two hanging out on the couch, drinking chocolate milk and watching Jeopardy like a couple of squares.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow and Taylor Swift

Individually, these two seem to be friends with everyone in Hollywood, so it’s not all that surprising that they’ve found each other. Apparently, they met through Mr. Paltrow, Chris Martin, and their shared love of country music. Duet in the future, maybe? Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

6. Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson

This isn’t so much a ‘bestie moment’ as it is ‘magnificent photobomb’ but I wanted to share it again in an effort to a) bring these two gorgeous lovebirds back together by reminding them how happy they were last year (c’mon, you guys! Remember the good times?) and b) remind Jesse Tyler Ferguson of how good he looks when he’s photobombing so that maybe he’ll just keep on doing it.

7. Sandra Bullock and Chris Evans

Ever notice how anyone pictured with Sandra Bullock just looks relaxed and filled with joy? She gives off that calming, silly vibe, it seems. There were honestly so many wonderful Sandy candids to choose from, but this one was my favorite. Is Captain America blushing? If anyone can make that happen, it’s certainly Sandra Bullock.

Can’t wait to see how many new Oscar friendships form this year! Make sure you join our Oscar night Twitter party, Co-hosted by the lovely Shay Mitchell! Red Carpet coverage starts at 7pm EST / 4pm PST and we’ll be tweeting about the dresses, the speeches and all the other fun moments in between. Follow these hashtags to join the conversation: #HGparty, and #Oscars! And Shay will be issuing fun challenges and giving cool Sprint devices to some lucky fans.

See you then ?

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