7 tweets giving Elaine Quijano (aka, the real hero of debate night) all the applause

Last night’s Vice Presidential debate was, for the most part, a snoozefest. But one participant really captured our hearts, and it wasn’t either of the VP candidates. Instead, it was the amazing Elaine Quijano, the moderator who adequately captured what it looks like when a woman is forced to ask two grown men on live television to stop yelling over each other. Yep, this is real life. What an election, you guys!

Here’s all the times Elaine Quijano was the real hero of VP debate night.

1. The simple fact that she’s the first Asian-American moderator.

2. Which, of course, made us all warm and fuzzy.

3. When she called out both candidates for screaming over each other.

4. Making us oh so proud.


5. Because, like, come on, really?!

6. Every time she reminded us what it means to be a woman.

7. And was literally all of us.

What a mic drop.