7 TV Crossover Episodes We’d Love To See

This September, the Simpson family will meet The Griffins on the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover episode called — appropriately — “The Simpson’s Guy.” It seems that Matt Groening and Seth McFarland have put aside their differences in the name of TV surrealism, and we couldn’t be happier. There is nothing more satisfying than when two characters from two different shows break through television’s mythical fourth wall to join forces. It’s a mind-scrambler. It’s also a TV rite of passage. Everyone does it. Archer crossed with Bob’s Burgers,  The Jetsons met up with The Flintstones, and who can forget Steve Urkel’s crash landing onto the set of Step By Step? Not us. Now if only we could have more crossovers with the shows we love. Here’s our dream TV mix-and-match scenarios:

1. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Meets How I Met Your Mother

HIMYM may have ended, but a girl can still dream of a crossover. These two comedies have one thing in common — most of episodes takes place in a bar. If not a bar, an apartment super close to the bar. Both groups get into adventures — the HIMYM gang typically prefers the zany and fun, and the Always Sunny group tends towards the nearly illegal.

Here’s What Would Happen: Dennis would be so enamored with the sexual prowess of Barney that he’d probably develop a bit of a man crush. Sweet Dee would be so bored with Marshall and Lily that she’d spend too much time figuring out how they tick and maybe get a little reminiscent about a few loves of her past that didn’t work out. (Remember the guy she met online from the military?) Ted Mosby would probably let Charlie sleep on his couch after a fall-out with Frank, and have no clue how to get rid of him. Mac would probably hit on Robin, refusing to acknowledge the fact that Robin has absolutely no interest in him.

And of course, it’d only last for an episode. While the HIMYM crew would be intrigued by the Sunny folk, they’d probably stick around just an episode, based solely on fear. They’d most likely get rid of them by hosting one of their famous Interventions.

2. Parks and Recreation Meets The Office

The only issue here would be Ann Perkins, if Jim recognized that she looks just like his ex girlfriend Karen. Otherwise, it’d be a pretty fun match-up. It’d be even better if the same documentary crew were filming them both.

Here’s What Would Happen: In planning a Pawnee event, Leslie looks for bigger sponsors and considers Dunder Mifflin. So Leslie goes on a small (actually, a pretty big) road trip to win over the DM staff. The episode might feature nine billion cast members, but can’t you just picture Jerry (er, Larry) joining the desk clump with Phyllis and Stanley? Or Kelly Kapoor just not “getting” April?

3. Community Meets New Girl

It’s a bummer that Community got cancelled, especially since they were truly on the upswing. The super fun study group had a friendship dynamic similar to our friends on New Girl, so we can’t help but think what a crossover would have entailed.

Here’s What Would Happen:  Colorado and California are kind of close, right? Humor me, and pretend that Jess and the gang would totally spend a day in a car for a possible teaching opportunity for Jess at Greendale. I predict that Nick Miller might get a little bit too intimidated by Jeff Winger. And if the gang decides to study a class that’s taught by Jess, they might try to take advantage of her, before realizing she’s quirky and fun, yet also smart and fantastic with keeping people in line.

If anything, can we at least have a show that combines the super talented Zooey Deschanel and Alison Brie?

4. Louie Meets Wilfred

Both of these FX gems have a dark side to them, which would make for quite an interesting mix. In Wilfred, Elijah Wood stars as a manic-depressive who sees his neighbor’s dog as a talking, bearded man in a dog suit. And thus, they form an odd friendship. Louis C.K. would have a lot to say about that.

Here’s What Would Happen: All I ask for is Louis C.K. walking down the street, seeing Wilfred off to the side with his human buddy and reacting, Louie-style. That’s all! Finding out that Louis also sees Wilfred in his human form would just make my day.

5. 30 Rock Meets Broad City

It’s a shame 30 Rock is no longer on TV for a million reasons. One of those reasons is Broad City, which is actually produced by Tina’s BFF Amy Poehler. We’ve seen Liz Lemon react numerous times towards unpredictable women (Remember Abby Flynn?) so it’d be great to see her reactions towards Abbi and Ilana, who don’t seem half as dedicated to their jobs as Liz is.

Here’s What Would Happen: Abbi and Ilana convince Liz to guest-write an episode of TGS. Liz feels like the show might need more of a woman’s voice — after all, it started out as The Girly Show (without Tracy Jordan). Their humor would probably repulse Liz, until she realizes that the show has the best ratings they’ve ever had that week. Unfortunately, Abbi and Ilana are no-shows the following week, since they’re not very fond of schedules.

6. Saved By The Bell Meets Dawson’s Creek

Being that these two shows pretty much helped define my “idea” of high school, it’d be great to mix comedy and tragedy. Can you imagine Joey Potter shuddering at the amount of proms, graduations, concerts, and dances held at Bayside?

Here’s What Would Happen: Obviously Dawson would hold a flame for Kelly Kapowski, but it’d probably take about three seasons and numerous rotations between A.C. Slater and Zack Morris for him to even get the courage to ask her out to dinner. Jen Lindley would join the cheerleading quad, but probably wouldn’t bond with the Bayside girls — especially when they learn about her sordid New York past. While Pacey might have amazing chemistry with Jessie, he’ll soon be turned off when his cop brother has to make an appearance at school to free Jessie from handcuffing herself to a locker “for a cause”

7. Mad Men Meets Workaholics

Talk about two different office cultures. While Don Draper and crew pretty much define themselves as ad execs, the slackers on Workaholics are stuck in college life even while working their telemarketing jobs. Expect a lot of “shut the door!” Mad Men previews, as Blake, Adam, and Anders learn a lot about adulthood. (I guess they might enjoy the “drinking at work” aspect, though.)

Here’s What Would Happen: Besides an obvious and unexplained time warp (I’m imagining the Workaholics guys in ’60s and ’70s garb) Don would hire the three onto his creative team, and soon realize that maybe he hasn’t screwed up his life that badly. Sure, a strained marriage with a wife on the other coast, a secret past life and a history of alcohol abuse and womanizing is pretty terrible. But these guys take advantage of the disabled, and get involved in riots. Often.

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