7 times Celine Dion proved she can pull off literally *any* look

Everyone knows that Celine Dion’s voice is a powerhouse, but so is her fashion sense. Looking back over even just the past few years, there are so many times that Celine Dion proved she can pull off any look. This weekend, Celine stepped out in Paris in a gorgeous Gucci coat. The coat was a jacquard satin coat paired with a green Diorever handbag. With all of those accessories, it’s hard not to look glam, but Dion has a way of wearing the heck out of jackets like that one.

Oh, Celine, can we come see your closets and you can sing “My Heart Will Go On” to us? Pretty please?

That’s likely not going to happen anytime soon, so we’re going to have to just deal with it. But we can take a deep dive into the internet to check out all of the times Celine Dion was an absolutely goddess in her OOTD. Whether it’s glam gowns, like the one she wore to the Billboard Music Awards, or a pair of leggings with an oversized Balmain leather jacket while running errands in Paris, Celine Dion is always on point.

Here are just a handful of times that Celine Dion made it very clear that she can pull off any fashion look.

Check out this weekend’s Gucci.


She’s all about the color these days.

This Roberto Cavalli LEWK, though.

We need this sweater with musical icons right this very minute.

Jeans and a t-shirt are anything but simple with these boots.

Those boots. Those boots.

No one does matchy-matchy like Celine.

This is going on our fall wardrobe inspo boards.

Has Celine always been this fashionable? Sort of. But wasn’t until this year that she started employing Law Roach (who also styles Zendaya) to help her coordinate her casual $30,000 outfits. According to InStyle, the stylist was able to convince her to keep her minimalist favorites, like Jil Sander, but also mix in some streetwear and edgier designers, like Off-White and Balmain.

Whatever she’s doing, it’s obviously working. Don’t ever change, Celine.