6 things you need to do today because it’s the first day of spring, and you’re a whole new person

Every change of seasons is symbolic in its own way, but spring, specifically the first day, is especially meaningful because it’s associated with rebirth, growth, and renewed optimism. The shift itself is rejuvenating — after months of darkness and gloom, seeing sunshine for more than 30 minutes per day and watching flowers finally bloom does wonders for the psyche. So, even though this amazing season has the misfortune of kicking off on a Monday (womp, womp), don’t let that cramp your style because there are seven things you need to do today to celebrate the first day of spring.

"You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep Spring from coming," poet Pablo Neruda once wrote.

The past few months have been painful for many of us due to the political and social climate in our country — but spring comes anyway and brings the reminder that life goes on and, with each new season, there are opportunities to make positive changes in both our personal lives and the world around us.

So, to celebrate the first day of spring, here are seven activities that’ll get you in the spirit — even as you battle the Monday scaries.

1. Get a bouquet of fresh flowers.


Many of us can’t afford to splurge on fresh flowers all the time, but the first day of spring is a day that you should definitely spring for a bouquet. (Bad pun intended — #sorrynotsorry). It’s the quickest way to brighten up your living space (or your office) and nothing says “spring” quite as much as a bouquet of beautiful blossoms.

2. Take a walk with your coffee.


Most days, we chug on our coffee whilst multitasking on about 10 pressing projects. March 20th is the perfect day to allow yourself an actual coffee break — and, yes, that means completely disconnecting from email and social media for a brief period of time. So order up your favorite coffee drink and then spend some time outside actually enjoying it. Bring a friend with you if you love companionship on a walk, or head out by yourself and use the time to simply clear your head and think about your goals for springtime and beyond.

3. Start planning warm weather outfits.


If you live in a city or town where it’s still freezing and snowy, it may be a little tougher to get into the spring spirit — but don’t despair, because those sunny, warm days are in the very near future. Planning outfits in advance is always fun, so why not comb through your wardrobe and dig up your favorite warm weather clothes? You’ll get to wear that perfect, springtime #ootd in no time.

4. Pick a new activity or addition to your daily routine.


I don’t know about you, but winter makes me a bit sluggish and slightly less motivated to try new things. New Year’s resolutions have never been my jam, but spring is the perfect time to try something new and shake up our daily and weekly routines. If you’ve been meaning to start a new activity like yoga, lock down some consistent volunteer work, or take a class (foreign language? Art? Whatever strikes your fancy!) that’ll enrich your life, use the first day of spring to make that decision. Then, commit to it — sign up for those classes or fill out your volunteer application. It’s the perfect way to mark the season of new beginnings.

5. Listen to Vivaldi’s “La Primavera.”


We defy you to listen to the full version of “La Primavera” and not feel hopeful and excited about springtime and the infinite possibilities it holds.

6. Create spring-themed art.


No, you don’t have to be Picasso to do this one. Either by yourself or with friends, take some time to tap into your creative side (we all have one!) and then paint, draw, or make a collage that represents anything and everything that you love and appreciate about spring.

Happy first day of spring, everyone — enjoy every minute of it.