7 things to tell yourself to soothe your FOMO when you *know* you need to stay home

The weekends can be wrought with anxiety. So can weekdays, even, when all of your friends and co-workers are making plans for a margarita-infused happy hour and you literally just promised yourself you would take a break from going out. Your body needs a break from booze (and it needs sleep so badly), and your bank account is basically on life support.There are ways to soothe your FOMO when you just know you have to stay home and be good to yourself. It’s not easy (especially with Snapchat around to taunt you with the fun you’re missing out on).

But sometimes staying in is the best thing to do.

You just have to remind yourself that no one is grounding you. This was your choice! So settle in and remind yourself that you wanted to Do You™ and stay in. Here are some things to tell yourself when the struggle gets real.

1Money is power.

Sometimes it’s totally necessary to stay in because you literally cannot afford to go out and drop $100 on that birthday dinner and drinks sesh for a friend you don’t even really talk to that much. When you start to feel left out, remind yourself that you’ll have extra dough at the end of the month.

2It’s for your health!

Aren’t you always complaining that you’re exhausted or wish the weekend could last a tad longer? Well, you just gave yourself an entire night in to take bath, try out that coal face mask, have healthy-but-delicious snacks, and get to bed early. Your social life will be there in the morning.

3Whatever is happening out there is not as awesome as it looks.

Yes, those Instagram and Snapchat videos look like the party of the year. But you know that your bestie took like 10 whole minutes to get everyone to coordinate that Boomerang that’s taunting you while you’re just trying to watch Netflix. Social media is a good way to make your FOMO worse, unless you remember that a lot of times, the pictures are way better than the actual party.

4You’ll be ready for anything.

A lot of times, going out means boozing, sometimes a lot of boozing. When you stay in and skip the drinks, you earn so many more usable hours the next day. Instead of feeling like crap and wasting the day being only half-there, staying in and sober makes the weekend more fun.

5Like, really ready.

Although your friends might be totally useless at brunch the next day, you get to hear all of their ridiculous stories from the night before. That actually sound sort of exhausting. Order some eggs and be thankful you’re not “literally dying” on this fine, sunny Sunday morning. (Or at work, which is 10 times worse.)

6You end up going to better events and having more fun.

Staying in more mean that when you do go out, you have discerning taste! Staying in and missing some random weeknight pub hang is totally worth it, especially you need to save your energy for the bachelorette party this weekend that actually has a legitimate shot at being something worth remembering.

7Your friends love you no matter what.

A lot of FOMO can be relieved by just remembering that your friends love you and wish you were there, hence sending that “wish you were here” text from the bathroom that aaaalmost had you pulling on your jeans and running to the club. You’ll get to hear all about it later. Plus, your delivery order is on its way. You’re not going anywhere.