7 things that bother the hell out of all ENTJs

So, let’s talk personality types, specifically the kind of people who are defined as ENTJ (an acronym for Extraversion iNtuition Thinking Judgment) individuals by the Myers-Briggs personality type assessment. As one of 16 personality types defined by a test based on Carl Jung’s theories, the three percent of people who fall into the ENTJ category are collectively referred to as “The Commanders” by 16Personalities.com.

As TIME reports, those with this personality type earn the highest household income compared to people who fall into the other three personality groups of artisans, guardians, and idealists.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise to ENTJs, who are also known as natural-born leaders.

We’re talking people like the Queen of England, Bill Gates, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Sigourney Weaver and Sheryl Sandberg.

Now that we’ve sufficiently talked up these ambitious go-getters, let’s get into all the things that bother the hell out of ENTJs.

1Taking too long to make your point.

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For an ENTJ, the quicker you get to the heart of the issue, the better. Those with this personality type consider having to listening to someone blabber on with minor details to be a severe form of torture. Do them (and yourself) a huge favor and get to the point already. Give ’em the meat of the story, and save the bones for someone who cares. #sorrynotsorry

2Being told that they can’t do something.

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Remember that hard-nosed elementary school teacher who banned the use of the word “can’t” in the classroom? Well, they were probably an ENTJ. If you’re a quitter, you don’t wanna play on an ENTJ’s team (they wouldn’t pick you anyway, tbqh).

As people who fearlessly go after whatever they want, they’ve never met a goal they couldn’t achieve, and they simply do not understand how anyone can lack ambition or the drive to get shit done. Which brings us to…


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For the sake of ENTJ-favored brevity, they literally cannot with lazy people.

4The phrase, “Winning isn’t everything.”

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Erm, if we were you, we wouldn’t dare utter this phrase in the presence of these fiercely competitive people. As an ENTJ told Thought Catalog of their personality type, “Winning is everything. Being the best at everything is a need, not a want.”

5Displays of emotion.

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Like, just don’t. Srsly, if you’re looking for sympathy during a meltdown, you might want to save your tears and the violin-backed melodrama for some other personality type because that horrified ENTJ staring at you in disgust would rather not be your shoulder to cry on.

As 16personalities describes it, ENTJs are generally “distant from their own emotional expression and sometimes downright scornful of others’. People with this personality type often trample others’ feelings, inadvertently hurting their partners and friends, especially in emotionally charged situations.”

6Staying in bad relationships.

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When it comes to ending a relationship without all the drama, no one does it more efficiently than an ENTJ. They can spot a dead-end situation from a mile away and see no sense in dragging out something that will inevitably come to an end anyway.

Anyone in a relationship with an ENTJ probably knows that their partner regards them as one half of a power couple-in-the-making since they won’t settle for someone who isn’t willing to work as hard as they are to elevate themselves in life.


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In life, there are always tough decisions to be made, but an ENTJ has absolutely no problem stepping up to the plate to call the shots. While other personality types may spend inordinate amounts of time agonizing over a decision, an ENTJ will already have chosen a route — one that they won’t be easily deterred from — mapped out a detailed plan, and rallied an entire team to help them complete their mission which will succeed (since they wouldn’t have it any other way).