7 totally normal things that are pure hell when you have entomophobia

Everyone is scared of something, but being afraid of bugs is especially difficult. As if people telling you not to “worry” about a bee buzzing around your head, threatening to attack you anytime you go to a picnic, isn’t bad enough, bugs are more or less everywhere. So basically every little thing is pure hell when you have entomophobia, aka, an overall fear of all bugs.

A phobia is a legit fear of something — like, it’s in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

So if you seriously can’t do a damn thing without being irrationally afraid of creepy crawling bugs, you can probably get a therapist to diagnose with you with entomophobia and help you out. For us other weenies out there who only feel like we have some form of entomophobia, these are the worst situations to be in.

1Going camping.

Everyone loves to go camping with their friends, right? Everyone gathered around the fire, telling stories, snuggling in hoodies… It’s like a IRL beer commercial, right? Not if you’re scared of all bugs. It’s like you’re just out there, in the open, with ants (possibly!) crawling all over your sleeping bag. And don’t even get us bug-phobes started on trying to swim in the LAKE?! Are you kidding?

2Taking out the trash.

Taking out the trash is a crappy job to begin with, but when you’re scared of bugs, the chances of you running into one taking out the trash can feel like a terrifying 100 percent. Not to mention that usually — why is this? — we’re taking the trash out at night and can’t see the little buggers. Blegh.

3Spotting one in your bedroom.

Or in any enclosed space, especially when you don’t have a hero to come and save you by killing it. Spotting a bug in the corner of your bedroom is terrifying because even if it’s just one little teeny tiny bug, you are pretty goddamn sure you can feel 10,000 more crawling through your covers. After spotting an ant or some other creature in the corner by your window, sleep is straight-up impossible. This is what dogs, kind roommates, and S.O.’s are for: To catch the bugs for you and tell you everything is going to be just fine. (Look, we’re not always babies, just when it comes to bugs. We can admit that.)

4Going to the beach.

Just like going camping, going to the beach is supposed to be something universally loved by most normal human beings. That is, until you catch a little sandbug taking a snooze on your flip flop. Seriously, can’t bugs just go somewhere else, and leave us alone to enjoy the surf and sun?

5Finding out you have bed bugs.

OK, this is basically the worst thing for anyone, regardless of phobia status. Like, it’s a pain in the ass to have to toss a mattress, get rid of your clothes, call your landlord, and exterminate. Bed bugs are creepy and miserable. But for someone who already has a phobia of all things with eerily tiny legs, bed bugs in an apartment can be straight-up traumatic, causing anxiety that lasts.

6Seasonal fun of any sort, really.

For most people, mosquito bites in the summer are just an annoying but necessary evil if you want to have a BBQ or a street party with your friends. But for people with a bug phobia, a mosquito is way more than just a nuisance. It’s anxiety-inducing assault. And then you have to wonder how many more there are or when they’re planning their next attack on your beautiful bod.

7Taking a walk.

Do you know how hard it is to walk around your neighborhood without spotting at least one ant hill or moth flying around? Ladybugs are supposed to be good luck, but they’re a freaking nightmare to those with entomophobia. Ugh, when will the bugs leave us alone?