7 things every cat mama should buy during Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month

Happy Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month! Every year between the spring and fall seasons, shelters across the country weather “kitten season,” an annual kitten population explosion. Sounds paw-dorable, right? Duh. It’s raining kittens! But it’s also a time when shelters overflow with cats and kittens, overwhelming demand for adoptable pets and stretching already slim shelter resources beyond their breaking point. Hence the need for Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month!

So, in support of the month-long campaign to countercat…er, we mean counteract the impact of the impending kitten storm, our friends over at feline-friendly fashion retailer Meowington’s are offering up to 80% off their entire site (no kitten!). Get ready to show some cat-itude and wrap yourself in head-to-tail kitty couture!

Clowder Cat Scarf


Get it here for $6.

Rescue Mom Tank Top


Get the top here for $12.

Wild Cat Leggings


Get the leggings here for $18.

Diamond Cat Earrings


Get them here for $6.90.

Chloe Cat Purse


Get it here for $38.

Creeper Phone Case


Get it here for $9.

But kittens like to dress up, too!

Polka Dot Bow Tie Collar


Get it here for $6.90.

Want to do more to raise awareness about Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month and help your local shelter manage kitten season? Adopt a cat, kitten, or both (kittehs love pals to play with).

You can also open your home to foster kitties in need, freeing up much-needed space in very full shelters. Did we mention you can volunteer to be a kitten cuddler? Yes, this is a thing! Spend your day feeding the leetle keetens and smothering them with hugs.

Lending a helping paw to kittens in need? Claw-some!

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