7 surprising things your pee — yes, your pee — is trying to tell you

Bodies are fascinating, and totally weird, and sometimes they come up with unique ways of communicating with us, like putting out bizarre colors. Sometimes, our bladders are the vehicle for this ~body-brain conversation~ and peeing weird colors is one way our bodies let us know something is out of whack.


So what IS your pee trying to tell you?

1. If your pee is purple.


You may be suffering from porphyria, which, according to Mayo Clinic, is a buildup of natural chemicals that produce porphyrin in your body resulting in issues with your nervous system and, of course, purple pee.

2. If your pee is brown.

It can be the result of a laxative muscle relaxants, or antibiotics. Worse case scenario, it’s a sign that you need to get your liver checked out.

3. If your pee is green.


No worries! You probably just ate too many green veggies, or had a lot of green dye, which isn’t always properly digested and therefore show up in urine. Or, it could be a vitamin that isn’t being absorbed the right way.

4. If your pee is blue.

You likely have a family disorder called hypercalcemia which is caused by excess calcium in the blood. Also known as “blue diaper syndrome,” it’s often discovered in childhood.

5. If your pee is pink or red.


Don’t freak out, but this is a sign that there could be blood in your urine. It might just be your period, but it could also result from bladder cancer, lead poisoning, or, simply, too many red or richly colored foods like beets or blackberries. Peeing pink after eating loads and loads of beets is actually really common, so if you’re a beet eater, don’t worry!

6. If your pee is honey colored.

You’re dehydrated! The more water you drink, the lighter your urine should be, so go get a glass of water and maybe download an app to remind you to stay hydrated.

7. If your pee is a nice, transparent yellow.

You’ve got an A+ in urine health. Go you!

Learn more by watching the full video below!


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