7 summer reading challenges to set for yourself this year

Summer is breathing warm, sandy breath down our necks, and we just can’t wait to finally get to the season of swimming, BBQs, and, of course, reading ALLL the books. It’s so easy to get trapped in slow period between the winter holidays and summer; we’re sure you’ve had your head down and nose to the grindstone since “Auld Lang Syne” finished playing.

But Memorial Day weekend isn’t just the unofficial kick-off of swimsuit season; it’s also the start to one we can dress more comfortably for: summer reading season.

There’s an awful lot of books in the world, and sometimes just wandering into a bookstore can feel overwhelming. So here’s 7 summer reading challenges that’ll narrow down that field of words, all while broadening your horizons.

1Your favorite book as a teen.

Maybe it was Harry Potter. Or  it was still, secretly, The Cat in the Hat. Maybe it was when you fell in love with reading thanks to Jane Eyre, or sneaked your parents’ copy of a grown-up book. Looking at an old, forgotten fav with fresh eyes is a great way to get back into reading, and catch a glimpse of your younger self.

2Your bestie’s favorite book.

If you want to understand a person, look at what they read. Sure, you may know the ins-and-outs of your best friend’s work and dating lives, but what about their reading life? Ask for their very, very favorite, and learn more about a new book and them at the same time.

3A book from another culture.

Particularly in a time of fear and paranoia, we all could use new roads into understanding each other.

4A book by an author you instinctively hate.

Even the most determined English major knows the feeling of an author you just cannot stand, even though you’ve never really given them a chance. Go on. Try the Hemingway, or whatever. It won’t kill you.

5A genre you ignore.

Scoot directly past the horror section? Avoid biographies like the plague? Readers are often set in their habits about what genres they go to, so it’s time to branch out! Ask a friend or a bookstore clerk for their best recomendation in that one genre you never touch.

6A really easy read.

Too often, we feel guilty if books aren’t scholarly or acclaimed. You know what? To hell with that idea. Grab the summeriest, beachiest book you can find, and no guilt! This is what summer reading is for!

7A completely random book.

Pick a section of the bookstore. Shut your eyes. Spin around. Now point. That’s your book. What if it becomes your very favorite?? See if destiny exists.

Get reading!!

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