7 sites with amazing deals on events and activities to cure your weekend boredom

It’s easy for friends to tell you to get out there and have some fun when you tell them that you’re hitting a slump or having trouble getting back into the swing of fun-having while getting over a breakup. Or maybe you just need extra incentive to turn off the Bravo marathons on the weekends and actually do something. It’s another thing to actually find things to do — especially because a lot of the fun stuff gets expensive! Luckily, there are a lot of sites to get deals on events and actual activities so you don’t have to break your bank to go do something with your friends (or by yourself if you’re aiming to get in some sweet alone time or meet some new people).

Many event deal sites are more niche than they used to be.

Which is sort of a good thing, because you aren’t getting offers for cheap jewelry classes when you really want to take a paddle boarding class with your BFF, or vice versa. No matter what you want to do though, there are ways to do it on the cheap. You just have to do your homework. A lot of the sites on this list are available nationwide or in larger markets, but if you’re not finding the deals you want, check out local stores for crafting workshops or wine tastings (depending on the store, of course). Pay attention to the flyers posted at your local coffee shop or bar for cheap open mic nights or running groups in your area.

Here’s the secret: everyone gets bored and wants to find fun, cheap things to do. These are a few places to get your creative juices flowing about finding good deals on events and activities.


Everyone’s heard of ClassPass, but if you’re getting tired of the rising prices or want to try something new, there’s another site called FitReserve. It works on the same premise, but you can sign up two weeks in advance (so you’re not checking what’s good on the daily) and there are perks on other wellness and beauty special events in your area. Right now, it’s only available in New York, Boston, and Washington D.C., but they’ll be in other markets soon.



This site aggregates all of the deals from places like Groupon or LivingSocial,  as well as weekend getaway ideas, so it’s a one-stop place for event and activity deals. The best thing? You can find events everywhere so you wont have to travel far from home to get a good deal on something fun to do this Friday.


Goldstar has been around forever, but it is totally underrated in our honest bargain hunting opinions. You can find a little bit of everything, even like no-cover deals for jazz or comedy clubs, along with excursions and outdoorsy events.


You’ve probably been on Eventbrite before when someone invites you to something on social media. But if you use it the other way around, you can browse events going on in your town. This isn’t about deals, exactly, but super local events that tend to be cheap or even free. An amateur improv performance, book store readings, or a lingerie store hosting a champagne happy hour to show off new products can be really fun.


If theat-AH is your thing, you need to get the TodayTix app. They offer reduced pricing on shows in all major cities and have lotteries for the bigger shows you might miss out on. Whether you’re in Manhattan on Broadway or trying to see something in Seattle, TodayTix is the best bet.


Going through a retail store may seem weird, but your local REI store offers classes, excursions, and community outreach gatherings. Just type in your zip code and you can sign up for the often free calendar events, whether it’s a long haul biking or hiking outing or just picking up trash with like-minded people in a local park.


Another great site to find events and deals is Active, which aggregates events and workshops on fitness related events. Whether its a yoga workshop or a running group, this is the place to start your search in town.

Whatever site you use, you’re bound to find something good. Happy adventuring!