The Best Romantic Gestures For When You Really Feel In Love

You are in love. CONGRATULATIONS. Being in love means you win the lottery EVERY DAY. Even when your sweetheart is being annoying or grouchy or really needs to march his cute butt out of bed and over to the bathroom and shower/brush his teeth/shave/put on deodorant/all of the above, you’re still lucky! You’re in love! It’s basically one of the best experiences you can have as a human being. That’s basically why all those songs and poems got written!

So when you have something awesome in your life, you have to appreciate it times a gazillion. And when you love someone else, you want to show your dearest heart that he or she makes you feel like the luckiest of ducks. So, below, some simple ways to show not just that you care, but that you REALLY REALLY REALLY care. 

1. Love Notes

After an episode of Mad Men, in which Don leaves Megan a love note, my husband and I started leaving each other love notes as a joke. Except every time I found one (magnet-ed to the fridge, on the keyboard of my laptop) I was like, a little bit “Ha, ha, ha, VERY funny,” but I was mostly like “AWWWWWW.” Love notes, silly, sweet, or a little bit of both, are a very effective way to say “You’re HOT and SMART, I LOVE you.

2. Learn Something New Together

My hubs is a lifelong learner and I am too, and we have so much fun learning together. One time we took a 1920s Rudolph Valentino-style tango class together at the library. When we were in Italy on our honeymoon, we took a cooking class together in this amazing Italian lady’s house. We’re also ALWAYS down to go to a museum and try to guess the meaning of various works of abstract art. You don’t have to go to a crazy country or take a nuts class, you just want to give yourselves more common ground, because sharing brains is romantic times!

3. Use Your Creative Skills And Make Your Cutie A Present

So many of us are maybe, like, just a LITTLE bit creative. Your mom taught you how to cook, you worked for a florist part-time in high school, you drew a comic for your college paper. Take your skill and make a gift for your sweet baboo! The secret is, you don’t have to be Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen or William Shakespeare with your sonnets, the thought really is the thing that counts here.

4.) Plan A Date You Two Have Not Gone On Before

My sweetest heart and I go to movies and dins all the time and it’s great! I always like seeing stories told on a twenty-foot screen and I always like eating food! But the dates I really remember are the ones where we did something completely new. Like the time we went to a Dia De Los Muertos celebration in a cemetery, or the time we went on wine tour and I accidentally forgot to spit out all my wine and got super drunk. A great relationship is built on the foundation of great memories. We REALLY remember those one-of-a-kind-dates. So go on one!

5.) Do That Thing Your Partner Is Always Asking You To Do WITHOUT Being Asked First

Maybe it’s back rubs, maybe it’s doing your dishes, maybe it’s just showing up on time to places. In any relationship, you’re always nagging each other to do stuff (unless you are both perfect humanoid robots, in which case, congratulations on having brain access to the Internet and please don’t become an evil robot and try to take over the world please please please thank you). But if you’re just human like me and have flaws (like me times a GAZILLION), try to remedy just one of those flaws that irks your special someone. They will be flabbergasted in the best way possible.

6.) Give Very Specific Compliments

Really notice what your beloved is doing great and give your honey bunches of oats the props he/she deserves. If they’re really sweet with little kids or super thoughtful and supportive re: their friends, give props and more props. No one EVER feels like they’re fully understood or appreciated, so understanding and appreciation ALWAYS makes a lad or lass feel like the bonniest!

7.) Find New Ways To Say “I Love You”

“I love you” is an AMAZING thing to hear, but say it several times a day (guilty and more guilty) and it loses some of its power. Try some synonyms and get some of that power back. An “I adore you” or “I treasure you” or “I think the world of you” really works, because we don’t hear it all the time, when we hear a statement like that, it really retains its power.

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