7 signs you and your BFF are slowly turning into the same person

Having a best friend is, well, the best. You two just get each other. Sometimes a little too well, like when you both go shopping separately and come home with the same pair of new sneakers. Still, those moments are worth it for the sake of having someone who knows exactly the right time to get out of a boring social setting you were dragged to. Basically, you’re twins, for better or worse. There are tons of signs that you and your BFF are the same person, and overall, it’s not such a bad thing. Seriously, who wouldn’t want one more of you? (Or your best friend? This is getting confusing.) There really is no such thing as being ~too close~ to another person, unless it’s totally cramping your style (and you know your bestie would never do such a thing).

The truth is, you guys weren’t always like this. And it kinda snuck up on you. When did “being totally normal, separate individual human friends” morph into “we are basically a terrifying hybrid creature with two heads and 90% of the same thoughts”?

It’s actually pretty hysterical when you realize you and your BFF are the same exact person.

It means things like always getting exactly what you want when they randomly bring over snacks, and them always responding to your rants about your ex just the way you want them. Life is hard, and best friends just make it easier to deal with. Whether it’s showing up in the same outfit to work or knowing just the right GIF to make you snort laugh, here are some signs that you and your BFF are slowly turning into the same person.

1You’re into the same kind of people.

Whether it’s because you’ve actually dated or boned the same people or just know how to spot the hottest person in a crowd, you guys are always on the same page when it comes picking someone up. And you don’t get territorial about calling dibs.

2Their meme game is way on point.

Whenever you go to tag them in a meme on Instagram, you get a notification that they’ve just tagged you in the very same one. You two have impeccable taste. Likewise, you tend to text each other at basically the same time. “I was JUST about to text you,” is how most of your text conversations start.

3You sense when things aren’t right.

Whenever you’re out together, all you have to do is lock eyes and know that it’s time to leave. Or that the person trying to hit on them is WAY out of their league. When shit hits the fan, your best friend knows exactly what’s getting to you. And that french fries will make it better.

4Or when things are HILARIOUS.

You always know why something is absolutely hysterical, even when no one else does. And seeing your friend crack up only makes you laugh a little louder.

5You can cancel plans.

Nothing says true bestie love like texting each other to cancel your plans and being totally relieved about it. Your BFF knows better than to drag herself out in the rain for cocktails. This way, you can stay in and text each other all night while staying in and wondering what everyone else is doing.

6You ordered the same exact thing online.

When you text your best friend to brag about your most recent online shopping binge, your best friend ordered the same exact top on sale. Or also just dropped way too much money on an eye cream. At least now you can try out both of the moisturizers you had in your cart.

7You get hungry at the same time.

When you’re out and about all day, there’s never any question about when it’s time to eat, or what kind of restaurant you should hit up. When you want a bagel, they want a bagel. And are always down for late-night tacos after the bar.

Best friends are the best. Go call yours right now. They’re probably already thinking about doing the same thing.

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