7 reasons Taylor Swift’s first album will always be a completely perfect work of art

Today marks an important anniversary among music fans. Ten years ago today, we were #blessed with country/pop star Taylor Swift’s self-titled debut, Taylor Swift. While all her music is fab, there are just as many reasons Taylor Swift’s first album will always be completely perfect. If you think of ten years of superb music, it’s hard to imagine the days we didn’t have the latest Swift single to dance (or cry) to and it’s even harder to remember she was a mere 16-year-old freshman when she began her hit-making journey. She told USA TODAY back in 2010 how she continues to write songs for this generation and we’re all applauding.

"I have this formula for music. If I continue to write songs about my life, and my life is always changing, then my music will always be changing."

Wise beyond her years, right?! She’s one of the industry’s leading ladies, writing soulful, honest lyrics that will forever be tattooed on our hearts. It began with Taylor Swift, with Fearless to follow in 2008, Speak Now in 2010, Red in 2012, and 1989 in 2014. As the youngest artist to ever win Album of the Year at the Grammy’s, she was just getting started! With millions of social media followers, loyal fans, and hit song after hit song, what can’t she do? In celebration of this very special anniversary, here are seven reasons Swifty’s first album totally rules.

There's a song for everything you're going through.

Of course this tradition started somewhere! The girl has a knack for writing all the things we’re thinking and feeling at any given time so naturally, her first album showcased how well she does just that. Whether it’s “Teardrops on My Guitar” or “Our Song” we never could pinpoint how to verbalize some emotions until Swift sang these words and we love her that much more for it.


She was a breath of fresh air!

Country music had often times been seen as something an older generation listened to — until Taylor popped up! With her fresh lyrics and young, vibrant presence, it was hard not to notice all she set out to do with this album, even if you weren’t a country music fan. She made a believer out of us!


OMG — her hair was perfect!

Have you seen the cover of this album?! Those long, curly tendrils are legit everything we’ve dreamed of. And while we also love her shorter, sassier do, back in the day, this gorgeous hair was her trademark look at shows and it was perfection.


The album had five AMAZING singles.

It’s rare an album has more than two or three hit songs but no one knew what Swift was capable of! Not only did she bring it with this debut, she brought it FIVE TIMES! Those five were “Tim McGraw,” “Teardrops on My Guitar,” “Our Song,” “Picture to Burn,” and “Should’ve Said No.” Though, we’d see over the years, this many singles would become her standard because, well, she’s awesome.


She was authentic from the start.

There was no pretending with Swift. What we see is what we get and that’s another reason she and her first album still rule. When she broke out onto the scene, she never pretended to be something she wasn’t, flaws and all. From writing about events in her life to being open and being super compassionate and friendly with fans, she always seemed like one of the girls and it still rings true today.


Because Tim McGraw is the jam.

We admit it: Tim McGraw is, was, and always has been amazing. Taylor Swift knew this even back in 2006 which is why she used his name in reference to being her favorite song and what to remember her by. Swoon. It’s no wonder they released this as the lead single because hello, first love! This song is everything!



Let us not forget that when this album was released, Swift was a mere 16-years-old and still in high school. Let that sink in for a moment as we reflect back on what we did in high school because it probably wasn’t writing hit singles.


Sure, there are tons more reasons Swift’s debut is worthy of SO much more love but for now, as we await a brand new album, let’s sit back and thank the music gods that be for all that is Taylor Swift and her ten fabulous years of music. Thanks, Tay!

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