9 Reasons Why Summer Needs To Last Forever

I feel bad for all the characters in Game of Thrones, because I get that winter is coming and it’s going to be a super bloody/war-y/dragon-y winter in addition to being just so stupidly cold. I feel bad, but I also a little bit DON’T because all those Starks and Lannisters got a REALLY long summer. I want a really long summer! It’s August, and the middle of August at that, which means summer is on its last legs, and I just cannot deal. Below, reasons why summer needs to last forever.

1. It’s basically sunny all night long

Whatever, I’m exaggerating, I know it eventually gets dark at like 9pm, but seriously, we get sun for so much of the night! It’s like we all live in Alaska or something! I’m obsessed with the extra light and am going to be miserable when sunset starts happening at 6pm or whatever again.

2. So many festivals, so little time

Summer is for celebrating EVERYTHING! Music festivals, food tests, outdoor movie screenings, I’m constantly checking my newspaper listings and getting bummed out because five things I’m dying to do are all happening at the same exact time at opposite ends of town.

3. Large bodies of water are for swimming

I’m lucky I live on a coast and the beach is an option, but I’m also ALWAYS down for a lake or pool swim. I live for the opportunity to play mermaid in real life.

4. Summer movies

Yes, summer is for big, blockbuster, robot-alien-kung-fu-fighting-superhero movies (and I am ALL about those movies) but summer also busts out killer-good comedies and top-notch indie movies. I spend a stupid amount of money at the movies every summer and I do not even care because it is so much fun to sit in those plush seats and watch summer’s finest flicks on the big screen.

5. Hot weather fashion

I have so much fun getting dressed in the morning during the summer. I wear maxi dresses and bangles and I’m a Mesopotamian queen! I wearing floaty dresses and flapper headbands and I’m basically Daisy from The Great Gatsby. I wear brightly patterned shorts with a top that has a completely different pattern but is also super brightly colored and I’m Mindy Kaling! Viva la summer fashion forever and ever.

6. Reality TV

I get that there’s also good cable and whatever during the summer, but you guys, summertime is my EXCUSE to watch reality TV. Please don’t take my Kardashians and Gordon Ramsay away from me. During the regular TV year, I will watch all the critically acclaimed whatever, but summer is my time to watch home cooks face off, The Bachelorette date twenty dudes, and the Kardashians spend insane money in insane ways.

7. It’s Cool If You Take a Vacation

It’s much more likely you can get a few weeks off during the summer because, well, that’s when everyone else is taking their two weeks off. So go spend a few days in Palm Springs or a few weeks in the South of France, because that’s what your boss just did.

8. Summer Jams

I don’t even know why we bother trying to pick one “Song of Summer,” there are always, like, 12. Enrique Iglesias, Ariana Grande, Maroon 5, Iggy Azalea, thank you for making the radio such a fun thing to turn on during the summer.

9. Everyone’s Just Nicer During The Summertime

EVERYONE is in a better mood. I have a theory that even when we are years or decades out of school, we’ve been so conditioned to get excited about summer vacation that summer still feels like a vacation even when you’re a full-time member of the workforce. I’m obsessed with summer smiles and all the seasonal sweetness that summertime brings.

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