7 Reasons We Still Love SNL

Well, SNL has its season finale tonight, and when it’s all said and done, we’re really going to miss it. You hear a lot of people saying things like, “Oh, that show hasn’t been good since Kristen Wiig/Will Ferrell/Dan Aykroyd flew the coop.” Those people are wrong. These past two seasons have been killer and we can’t wait for what next season will bring. Here are a few good arguments for the Not-Ready-for-Primetime Players of OUR generation. Have a little faith, people:

The Wes Anderson parody: A spot-on skewer of all the Wes Anderson tropes we indie-dweebs know so well. And check out those production values!

Reasons to Hug a Black Guy”: Ever-topical, cheeky, and a fun use of the taboo. Plus, so sue me – I love seeing this show make intelligent use of its diverse cast. Anything that makes for a broader gamut of comedy is AOK in my book.

24 Hour Energy For Dating Actresses: …this fauxmercial for energy-in-a-bottle is specifically resonant for those of us in – ahem – the performing arts. This sketch also makes great use of my personal new favorite cast member, Kate McKinnon. 

I applaud all the good-spirited GIRLS lampooning – from Tina Fey’s turn as “new character” Blerta in a faux promo, to the trailer for a Biblical spin-off (GIRL, starring Eve and the Original Sin), SNL hit a nerve with this parody. Taran Killam plays a convincingly droll Adam, and Lena Dunham’s willingness to make fun of herself in the second clip is quite endearing.

Another ridiculously spot-on parody! ME, starring Jonah Hill, makes fun of both the male ego and Spike Jonze’s recent HER.

Paul Rudd Loves One Direction: As super fan Dan Charles, Paul Rudd puts his consistent charm to good use. This sketch is simple, sweet, and good for an easy LOL.

And one last parody, for your files. In their spoof of the recent viral video, “What Does the Fox Say?” Jay Pharaoh and Kerry Washington play an incompatible couple. “What Does My Girl Say?” is mad funny and a catchy tune.

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