7 Reasons Rooming With BFFs is The BEST

Fact. You can choose to be happy. Second Fact. Getting stuck in a rut and ending up in a lame apartment for a year too long is the worst.  So, when life gives you lemons, my only advice is to move in with your Best Friends! Suddenly your life will upgrade to ‘top tier ridiculously good’. (And you’ll probably have a new place you can barely afford.)

Reasons why life is superior when you live with your best friends…

1. Froyo.

It’s more accessible. Yes, all I think about is this frozen delight and when you live with your BFFs, it can happen on the regular. Froyo is now a fifteen minute jaunt rather than an hour and a half ordeal. There’s no meeting up. No sitting under a heat lamp being cold but hot while eating melty froyo. Now you get to eat tender froyo on your own smelly couch while watching something on TV that’s sure to fry your brain just as much as your toppings are frying your butt!

2. Morning coffee.

Personally I can barely speak before my morning brew. So when the coffee machine refuses to work? Stay away. However, with BFF roommates, you can do this adorable thing called ‘making each other coffee’. (Did your heart just melt?) Now picture this cute AM behavior at the table in silence hovering over your matching silver macbook pros occasionally sharing silly memes. Yes. It’s way more satisfying than scowling over a hot cup of joe alone in your sweaty bed. It’s easier to start the day–I mean be late this way. Friendship; the breakfast of champions! (vomit).

3. Group texts.

When you live with your BFFs, you can hear the ding dings through the walls. The 2010s are an age of such technological advances that it’s easy to feel isolated from human contact. But now that you’re texting with just a thin wall for the rays to fly through, this brief warm vibration or musical recital makes your communicating feel that much more real! You sensorally get proof that your message is received. THAT’S AMAZING! I mean technically you could have gotten off your lazy bed sore ridden body and relayed the message in a succinct 45 seconds but… iMessage, yo.

4. Sharing is Caring.

Remember sneaking a splash of nondairy milk from your old roommate and praying she wouldn’t find out because they would most likely murder you in your sleep or eat all of your chocolate in revenge? Not the case with BFF roommies. No more sneaking bites here and there. Every night is a potluck. I bring the frozen vegan hot wings, they bring the actual cooked meal. Oh… yep, it looks like I’m the slacker roommate…

5. The JAR.

We all have bad habits and I’m sure a bunch of HelloGiggles readers can attest that negativity is sadly one of them. The answer? The JAR. (Thank you NEW GIRL for the inspiration!) So, BFFs have free range to reel in your crazy. To tell you to chill the hella out. Here comes the JAR. A fictional jar to deposit money into as punishment for behaving in poor taste. I’m not allowed to say ‘I don’t want to go’ since I say it every time I open the front door. But the bad deed can even be as simple as so and so having complete depth perception when it comes to the size of their thighs. It’s slightly abrasive around company since every other sentence is interrupted with ‘JAR!’.  But more importantly it’s fairly effective to the mental sanity of those paying up to the JAR.  Maybe one day the JAR can be manifested into a real thing we put money into and then we could go to Morocco with our saved monies! Morocco! With improved personalities! And less annoying habits!

6. FUN!

Life is seriously more fun with BFF roommates. Everyone is really busy. ALL THE TIME. With jobs, and online dating and dreams of woodworking hobbies. Sometimes it can be hard to fit in time for your BFFs.  That’s when you realize that you are incredibly sad and also slightly less real because you haven’t preached out loud about anything ridiculous in a good long time. This is why the end all be all best part about living with your best friends is that you get to come home to your little wifies and hang out hard. Even just between engagements. For three minutes! When you’re running in to change your shoes you’re sure to find a weirdo in your bed dying to tell you a story of their recent trip to the supermarket. And the creep who commented on their basket.  Life is now infused with fun every second you’re home. And man, fun, is like, really fun to be around.

7. Butt Zits.

Lastly, in any time of emergency there are always two BFFs on reserve to help you pop a fatty you can’t reach on your tush. Say goodbye to the dermo. And hello to living without boundaries! [this may or may not be based on real events. don’t ask my roommates. But if you were to ask they would say I was one of the poppers].

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