7 reasons relationships that start in the summer are actually the best

Love usually strikes when you least expect it, but there’s something special about summer relationships. Sorry, not sorry, winter couples.

Maybe it just feels that summer relationships are better than ones that start in the winter because almost every teen book, movie, or TV show revolves around summer loving. Maybe it’s the temperatures that get everyone hot and bothered. Or perhaps it’s the promise of dates that involve ice cream and frozen rosé. All of these things make relationships that start in the summer so much better than, say, a relationship that starts in winter (and they save you from having to deal with all the awkwardness of Valentine’s Day gifts way too soon).

Summer relationships are just easier, all around.

Then again, summer romances do a have a reputation for turning into just “flings,” which alas, does happen. Autumn ghosting is a real thing, for sure. But a summer fling can be just as meaningful as any other relationship.

Here’s why relationships that start in summer are just better all around.

1You don’t have to think too hard about hanging out.

In the summertime, it’s easy to come up with great date ideas. Instead of racking your brain for something fun and warm to do in the winter, you can just go for a walk! Sit in the park, go to the beach, invite your new love interest to a BBQ. It’s almost too easy to keep the date momentum going in summer.

2There are no awkward holidays.

The only holidays in the summer are fun holidays that involve grilling delicious food and cuddling up to watch fireworks in July. There’s no stress. Whereas if you start a relationship in the fall or winter, you have to start thinking about some big holidays right away. Do you invite a new partner to do a couple’s costume on Halloween? Do you have to buy them holiday presents? What are they doing on New Year’s Eve, the biggest hype night of all? These are all big deals for brand new beaus. Summer’s simple: Just hand them a hot dog and a beer and continue to enjoy yourselves.

3The sex is hotter.

And not just literally hotter. Scientists think that since we all get more sunshine in the summer, our moods are better. Which means serotonin increases, and our sex drives increase. So you actually are hornier in the summer, hands down. There’s nothing better than a sweaty romp with a summer love (and then taking a little summer nap in the AC to recover).

4You can try out traveling without too much pressure.

In the summer, a lot of people get out of work early on Fridays and are more prone to taking some personal time. People are also thinking about long weekends at a beach house, scenic drives, and generally being more active. A summer relationship means you’re spending a little more time together upfront than you might normally. But that’s a good thing — you can figure out whether you really like this person or not when you’re stuck on a train to the beach together. That’s when real personalities come out.

5You usually get to meet their friends sooner.

Because of all the summer fun going on, it’s easier to bring groups of friends together sooner. In winter, you can easily hide out in romantic restaurants and movie theaters and never have to deal with the other person’s actual other life. But there’s something about summer that makes it easier to introduce your people to each other, and getting to know a person’s friends and peek at their relationships with other peoples is a good way to gauge how they’ll treat you.

6Sometimes, it’s OK that it’s a just a fling.

People’s schedules are more lax in the summer — and you can stay out later. It’s only natural that when the leaves start to change colors, people’s schedules pick up again, and you might not see each other as often. But since you had all of that great summer romance, you can talk it about it with each other and figure out your next move as the season changes.

7You feel better about yourself.

Body confidence would ideally be something we have year-round, but in the summer, it’s easier for most people to like themselves. You have a little tan, your skin is all exfoliated, and your clothes are juuuust skimpy enough. Your partner probably looks damn good, too. If nothing else, that means you’ll be taking better selfies together. And if the summer love comes to an abrupt end, at least you know they’ll remember you at your best.

No matter when you meet your new love, hopefully it works out. But remember, relationships that start in summer tend to be so much more fun.