7 Reasons We’re Psyched for the ‘My Drunk Kitchen’ Book

Hannah Hart is building a drunken empire and we’re totally on board. Her YouTube showMy Drunk Kitchen, started as a joke video to send to pals but blossomed into an Internet sensation that has spawned a cooking/self-help book also called (what else?) My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going with Your Gut. The book is working its way to the top of the Amazon best-seller list and we couldn’t be happier and can’t wait to get our own tipsy fingers on it for quite a few reasons.

1. John Green wrote the introduction.

In many fell swoops, including the exploding popularity of The Fault in Our Stars, he’s become the king of the Internet, young adult fiction, and film. John appeared on Hannah’s show and is a fellow lover of food and puns so it’s only natural he write the intro to her book. You can catch a sneak peek of it here and it’s just as poignant, sad, and funny as you’d imagine.

2. She’s more than just an Internet star—this girl gets real stuff done.

Hannah isn’t just a lady who makes extremely popular YouTube videos. She spear-headed an initiative called “Have a Hart Day” encouraging folks to get out into their communities and volunteer at their local food banks and other charities. Volunteers even get official Hartosexual volunteer membership cards when they sign up. Oh, and rule numero uno is “spreading reckless optimism.” Yes, please.

3. She’s a role model, not only in the realm of drunk cooking, but in self-acceptance.

Hannah grew up in what she describes as a “conservative” and “dysfunctional” family. It wasn’t until she was an adult that she finally came out as gay, and embraced who she was. As hard as her journey to self-love was, it taught her some valuable lessons. And now she has some killer advice to pass on: “The people who love you will love you, and the first step in coming out is loving yourself most,” she said in an interview with AfterEllen. “Not ‘love yourself most’ as in ‘be a selfish bastard.’ But the first step in coming out is learning to love yourself. And once you’ve got that, you’re going to be OK.”

4. There are some crazy-amazing recipes in this book with the most wonderful, pun-derful names.

Oh, we just want to eat and drink them all right now: Naan of Your Business, Dick-Taters, Crude-Ités, Brothel Sprouts, and Latke Shots. Not to mention there’s something called a Pizza Cake. Pizza. Cake. It’s basically a stack of pizzas. Ya know, so it’s a cake. A marriage that was written in the stars and yet it took Hannah to bring it to our plates.

5. There’s actual great and super useful advice sprinkled throughout the book.

This is a book you’ll want to flip through again and again since it’s not just a one-joke drunk pony. It’s part memoir, after all, and Hannah has learned a thing or two in her journey to becoming a YouTube celebrity. For instance: “Don’t do things to prove others wrong. Do things to prove yourself right.” You said it, sister.

6. All your other favorite people already are on the Hannah Hart bandwagon.

As if John Green’s endorsement wasn’t enough, Hannah is also beloved by marvelous people worldwide. She’s BFFs with fellow YouTube stars Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart, having collaborated with them on the film Camp Takotaamong other projects. And she’s had guests like Jenna Marbles, Felicia Day, and Mary Louise Parker cook drunk with her. If you’re fans of her fans, you should probably be a fan of hers by now!

7. She doesn’t act like some fancy celebrity cookbook guru (even though she kind of is). 

Despite the fame that comes from the book, being a YouTube sensation, moving to Los Angeles, filming movies, and making appearances, she keeps it real. “I’m actively looking forward to going home and sitting on my laptop,” she told Flavorwire. “That’s the bomb. It simply means making content and responding to comments, which is fun. It’s the highlight of my day.” Love that lady.

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