Why ‘LOST’ Doesn’t Have to Come Back

“WE HAVE TO GO BACK,” Jack once told Kate. But just because those two (well, Jack) wanted to go back to the island, doesn’t mean we have to, and this is coming from a diehard LOST fan. Although the likelihood of the return of LOST isn’t set in stone, the executive producer, Carlton Cuse, recently told Entertainment Weekly that, “I think it’s likely that at some point, ABC will want to reboot LOST.”

To me, this is kind of like getting back together with an ex whom you loved immensely for years for their ingenuity and charisma, but who also managed to disappoint you and let you down, proving that maybe, just maybe, they weren’t The One for you. Sometimes, you just gotta let go and treasure the good times you did have. I was ready to say goodbye to LOST then, and I’ve gotten used to it not being in my life now. Here are my 7 reasons why we don’t need a LOST comeback:

1. I’m still kind of annoyed about all the unanswered questions

I’m not bitter or anything, but I mean, what was up with Walt? It was hinted that he had special powers, but that never panned out. Why couldn’t women have full-term pregnancies on the island? Where was Christian (Jack’s dad)’s body the whole time? Why did the island only selectively heal people? Why did Charlie have to die? Why was baby Aaron so important? Okay I can go on for hours. If LOST comes back, more doors will be opened, and more questions will probably go unanswered. Or, if we look on the bright side, maybe a new LOST will finally answer these questions. I’m still nervous either way.

2. It wouldn’t be written by the same crew

Cuse states, “there will be some young, bright writer or writers who will come up with a great idea that the network responds to, and that’ll be great.” How about not-so-great?  If different people are writing LOST, then it will be a completely different vision of what LOST is.

3. We’re not even sure if the entire cast will come back

Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, and Terry O’Quinn didn’t even go to the 10th anniversary event, so maybe they won’t want to be part of the reboot. I can’t really imagine the show without Jack, Kate, and John.

4. The finale was definitely weird and religious and indicated that they were dead, so…

Admittedly, I still don’t really get the series finale. When I watched it, I thought it concluded that they were all dead to begin with, but after doing some research, sources say that they actually did live, and everything that happened on the island actually happened. But what’s with this conversation between Jack and Christian?

Christian: Hey, kiddo.

Jack: Dad?

Christian: Hello, Jack.

Jack: I don’t understand. You died.

Christian: Yeah. Yes, I did.

Jack: Then how are you here right now?

Christian: How are you here?

Jack: …I died, too.

And then it shows Jack on the island dying, while Vincent the dog kept him company and this scene is juxtaposed with the first episode, where Jack is in that same spot, but opens his eyes. I mean, it was all cool and cyclical, but to me, it seemed like the LOST writers desperately wanted to finalize things, whether they did so in a manner that made sense or not. Was it purgatory? Was it heaven? I mean, Jack’s dad’s name IS “Christian Shepard” so does that mean he was God and Jack was Jesus? Or was Christian the Jesus figure because of the whole coffin-thing? How can you really work around a finale like that?

5. If I have to see John Locke die again, my heart will never be whole again.

When Ben killed John, I almost stopped watching the show, but then John kind of comes back, and I love Terry O’Quinn, so I was like okay, fine, I’ll watch. I think John Locke was everybody’s favorite. He was the underdog! You couldn’t tell him what he couldn’t do! Anyway, even if Terry O’Quinn agrees to be in LOST again, I’m not sure where we can go with John Locke’s character, since Ben clearly murdered him and his body was used as a vessel and turned into the Smoke Monster (right? That’s what happened?).

6. What more can be said about the island?

The island was supposed to be this source of energy that fueled the world/reality, and it was the Dharma Initiative that kept that energy sustained, or whatever. Now that we basically know what the island is (or do we?) what else do have left to find out?

Maybe we’ll get some more background information about the mysterious statue of Tawaret. All we know is that Tawaret was an Egyptian Goddess who symbolized protection, birth and fertility (does this have anything to do with the pregnancy problems? Probably).

7. It just won’t be the same

Honestly, it won’t be the LOST that we loved, the show that frustrated us, but left us thirsty for all those bizarre answers that could probably be answered in Philosophy 101. LOST was an amazing show, even if it did have its flaws. There’s no real reason to bring LOST back (except, obviously for money), much like there is no real reason Bob Dylan should still be touring. Like most legendary things and people, they should be put to rest and remembered fondly as they were.

What are your thoughts, fellow Losties?!

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