7 reasons you should give period underwear a shot

If you’ve been iffy on the whole period underwear craze, you’re not alone. (The HelloGiggles team has definitely been cautious, but we’ve tried them out, and some of us are full-on devotees!)

Still, we’ve been wanting more of an insider glimpse into the world of period panties, so we spoke with Joanna Griffiths, founder of Knix Wear, a company that makes multi-functional, moisture-wicking, leak-proof underwear. She actually had the idea eight years ago — meaning she was WAY ahead of the game, realizing there was a huge gap in the menstrual hygiene market, and as much as technology has advanced, our underwear has remained the same. Plus, using tampons and pads 24/7 can just be downright annoying.

Still, Griffiths says she understands that there is still some stigma around the whole idea of period panties. “There’s a certain level of apprehension,” she admits. That’s why we’re here to change your mind, because these new panties have so much to offer.

Here are six reasons you should give period underwear a shot.

1. It’s probably not like you think it is.

No, wearing period underwear is not at all like wearing a diaper. And the leak-proof panties out there today are generally reliable, functional undergarments that fit into your everyday life easily. They’re just like wearing regular panties. Nobody else will know you’re wearing anything different — you won’t even notice it after you get dressed.

2. They’re easy to take care of.

All you have to do is wash them in the machine and lay them flat to dry. Griffiths says they “won’t wash out with wash and wear,” so you don’t have to worry about them getting ruined over time. They were made to get you through your period with the greatest of ease.

3. They’re surprisingly affordable.

You don’t have to spend your whole paycheck on period-friendly panties, and the founders of period underwear companies don’t want you to. Knix Wear offers you a subscription service, Club Knix, that could cost you as little as $18 a month for one pair of undies a month. Thinx lets you build a set of three, five or seven pairs, where you could save up to 20 percent off. No need to spend a fortune.

4. They’re comfortable — and really cute!

“We put a lot of thought and effort into everything we introduce,” Griffiths told us. And, according to Griffiths, women have taken such a liking to the panties that they even wear them when they’re not on their period. They work well for the days when you’re more physically active as well. Plus, did we mention? They’re adorable. There’s a very slim chance you’ll look at them and think, Um, that looks like period underwear.

5. There are all kinds of options to suit your flow.

Knix Wear promises to take care of 1-3 teaspoons of liquid. Griffiths says they work great on their own on your lighter days. When your flow is a little heavier, you can still use these undies as a reliable back-up. Think of them as a much comfier version of a panty liner or pad.

On the other hand, Thinx panties come with a different absorption level for each style. The Hiphugger holds up to two tampons worth of blood, the Sport up to 1 1/2 tampons, the Boyshort up to 1 tampon, etc. Your flow isn’t like anyone else’s, so you have plenty of options to put together a stack of period underwear that suits you perfectly.

6. Using them is a great way to support the fight against menstrual taboo.

These companies are raising awareness about how, in many ways, our needs aren’t being met when it comes to our period. In fact, every pair of Thinx undies you buy, they send funds to their partner organization AFRIpads, which helps girls and women in Uganda to purchase sustainable and affordable menstrual hygiene products. This prevents them from contracting infections and it keeps them in school every day of the month.

7. Using them is a more environmentally friendly way to live.

“At the very least it eliminates the need to dispose of panty liners,” Griffiths told HelloGiggles, which makes a bigger difference than you might think. American women collectively throw away 700 million pounds of menstrual hygiene products ever year. Imagine if we all started wearing period underwear — that sure would save a lot of landfill space.

You can start by doing your part and using reusable, washable undies instead of stocking up on panty liners. Griffiths calls it “a no brainer,” and we couldn’t agree more.

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