All The Reasons To Officially Cancel Your Gym Membership

Alright folks, the future of fitness is here, and it’s mag-nificent. Last week, Lunar released a conceptual yoga mat called “Tera,” and it looks nothing like a rectangular sliver of foam. The Tera mat “is embedded with sensors and a constellation of LED lights. Those sensors track pressure and shifts in body movement, making Tera like a giant touch pad that records data, and then uses said data to cue patterns in the lights, designed to guide your stance and posture.” Gone are the days of hanging upside down in the back of the classrooms and wondering things like, Am I doing this right?

Even though the Tera mat is still a concept, all this rethinking of fitness has us rethinking our gym memberships. In fact, there so many nifty gadgets, apps and games out there, you can truly get your sweat on from your living room, on the go, really anywhere you want. Here are seven reasons you can officially cancel your gym membership:

1. Tao WellShell

Since we’re on the topic of cutting edge workout devices, let’s take a look at one that’s already on the market:

What it is: The Tao WellShell is a portable electronic device that coaches you through a variety of isometric workouts.

Why it’s great: Aside from coaching you through the workouts, the WellShell also gives you virtual feedback on your performance that can be tracked on your mobile phone. Curious to see how it works? Watch this video.

2. YogaGlo

What it is: YogaGlo is a website that offers unlimited yoga classes online.

Why it’s great: Participate in the yoga class of your choice from the comfort of your own home. With over 2,000 online classes to choose from, $18 a month ain’t too shabby. This is a great option for new parents and well….just about anybody who would rather not commute to the gym. Interested? Start a free, 15 day trial right now. I apologize for sounding like an infomercial.

3. 7 Minute Workout

What it is: 7 Minute Workout is a customized fitness app devised by physiologist specialist, Chris Jordan.

Why it’s great: Because we all have different needs, customized workouts can be a dream come true. The 7 Minute Workout app boasts 36 exercises and 12 workouts, all of which you can do in the comfort of your own home. Rest assured, you can customize your sessions to create over 1,000 workout variations to keep you on your toes. Once your workout is in place, Chris Jordan will pop up to guide you through your workout. Pick your own music, swap in and out of workouts – 7 Minute Workout wants you to do what’s best for you. Did I mention it’s $Free and available on both iOS and Android devices?

4. Sworkit

What it is: A customizable circuit training app.

Why it’s great: Forget weights and clunky fitness equipment. Sworkit only requires you and your body weight, making it convenient to workout anywhere, anytime. Just tell Sworkit which body part you’d like to focus on, how much time you’ve got, and a customized workout will pop up. The app is totally free, but you can pay 99 cents for a few added perks. It’s available on iOS, Android and Amazon.

5. Outdoor Fitness Zones

What they are: Outdoor gyms in and around various cities. I’ve seen quite a few here in Los Angeles, and they look awfully fun.

Why they’re great: Just look at them. They’re like playgrounds for grown ups! Aside from getting a little Vitamin D, they’re a great escape from your classic indoor gym environment. The best part? They’re free and open to the public. Check with your city and see if there’s an outdoor fitness zone near you.

6. Fitness Trampolines

What they are: Itty bitty trampolines designed to help you burn thousands of calories in a super fun way.

Why they’re great: Aside from the fact that you’re jumping up and down on a trampoline like it’s the summer of 1995, you’re burning thousands of calories. Plus, it’s a lot easier on your joints than running. If you don’t believe me, DoobaReviews measured out the pros and cons of having a mini trampoline and having a gym membership. They’re fairly expensive, but if you like trampolines enough, it may be worth the investment.

7. Wii U and Xbox Kinect

What it is: Full body gaming designed to keep you fully engaged in fun, physical exercise.

Why it’s great: The possibilities are endless when it comes to these gaming systems. Whether you’re into boxing, pilates, yoga or dancing, you can get creative with just about any activity, any time of the day. Invite your friends and family to join too!

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