7 reasons “breezing” is the new dating trend you should probably try

It feels like every other week there’s a new dating trend we’ve never heard of popping up. And hey, since we’re still hella single, might as well try them all! They’re usually slightly cringeworthy, or they’re just new ways for your crush to make you feel like a big ball of dirt. This is why we’re super into “breezing,” the best dating trend ever, since it’s finally something you can do that might actually make you and the person you’re dating feel good. At last!

“Breezing” is something that’s best done when you’re still in the crush stage or trying to figure out how you feel about someone. According to Today, it was how Jenna Dewan Tatum snagged Channing, which is not a bad couple to try to emulate.

Breezing is about not taking things too seriously, but it’s not about not giving a damn.

In fact, it’s actually a way to show that care a lot about loving yourself and demanding respect. Despite it’s name, breezing isn’t as easy it sounds. To do it properly, it takes some emotional maturity and badass communication skills to get right. If you’re striking out in love and need to change things up, trying your hand at breezing will help you hone those skills…and maybe land you in a relationship you want to be in.

If nothing else, breezing might just be having good dating manners.

1You don’t play phone games.

Playing games is not about keeping things light and easy, like the breeze. Instead of doing the whole “wait three days” to text thing, or leaving someone on “read” for a few hours before getting back to them is not how you show someone you’re into them. If you’re breezing, you text someone right back, make plans right away, and keep things moving.

2You tell a person what you want.

Likewise, you have to know what you want if you’re going to breeze someone. Not only do you know what you want, but you share this information with the other person so that they don’t have to guess.

3And listen to what they have to say.

Once you’re clear about your feelings for someone and where you see the relationship going, you give the other person a chance to respond. Hopefully, they’re also good at knowing at what they want, and you can assess whether everyone’s going be happy with the situation.

4If something’s up, you call it out.

There’s a huge difference between being a pain in the ass and being really clear about what works for you. Whether it’s telling them that something has to change in bed, or confessing that they hurt your feelings last weekend, or telling them they have something in their teeth, you speak up instead of just waiting for some magical change to happen.

5You take things easy.

A lot of this sounds kind of heavy, right? Breezing is a lot about being up front and then going with the flow. So if you want to keep things breezy, you don’t dive right into a serious AF relationship right away. Instead you take the time to talk and think things out…just not in “it’s the end of the world” kind of way.

6You definitely sleep together.

Or whatever your intimacy thing is, you’re not waiting to do it until some special day or landmark moment. You get in there as soon as possible to see if you like what’s going on down there.

7You keep things open to change.

Breezing someone means acknowledging that you have feelings for someone — but not letting those feelings be the only good thing in your life at the moment. If it’s not the “right time,” you can keep this person on the books. But you don’t string them along or “bench” them — you directly let them know that if and when they change their mind and are ready for you, you’ll take their call. NBD.