7 reasons blind dates are actually the best

Dating online or with apps means you’re taking a big risk every time you swipe right and agree to meet up with someone. Since it’s pretty hard to get a good idea about someone from just a few profile pictures and whatever cheesy jokes they make in your messages, it can feel like a blind date. But it’s not, since you kind of know what this person looks like and made a conscious choice about meeting up with them in person. Whatever happened to the good old days of actual blind dates? There are so many reasons blind dates are the best, both because and in spite of them being so much different from Tinder or Bumble dates.

To most people, the idea of a blind date is kind of dated.

It feels like something people only do in ’90s sitcoms: A friend thinks you’d be a great match for another friend they know, they give them your phone number, and violá — you have plans for an actual IRL date. Between dating apps and the fact that no one really talks on the phone anymore (or the fact that you can Google basically everyone), it seems like blind dates might be long gone. But we should totally bring them back, since blind dates are actually the best.

Here’s why:

1They’re in your social circle.

How many times have you been telling your friend about someone you know and actually say, “you’d like them” or “I would totally date them if I wasn’t seeing this other person,” or something of the sort? Probably a few times, at least. Having someone take the initiative to nudge you into meeting more people is actually sort of nice. Sure, matchmaker friends can be kind of annoying, but they serve a purpose. If this blind date is coming as a referral, they’re likely someone you would probably hang out with anyway. If it doesn’t work, at least you’ll know one extra person at the next party your friends throw and possible make a new BFF.

2The mystery!

Not actually knowing someone before going out with them is way weird. Especially if you haven’t set the whole thing up yourself. But getting out there and taking the chance (and having a back-up plan in case it’s horrible, of course) can be really fun. And good for you, especially if you’re striking out in the romance game on all other fronts.

3It’s not about an algorithm.

Sometimes we tend to swipe right and talk to matches from a dating app simply because some algorithm made it clear that we were in the same geographical range as another person. And we settle because, hey, it’s a match, why not! But if a friend set you up, there’s a good chance they’ve already vetted them a little bit and know that they’re your type. Personal recommendations mean a greater chance at finding True Love.

4You don’t have to do too much work.

Instead of putting yourself out there and trying to pick someone up in public or going through hundreds and hundreds of dating app profiles, all you have to do is be game and show up. There are worse things.

5And there’s some built-in conversation.

If things are awkward AF, you can talk about how crazy your friend who set you up is and join in some light-hearted snark about the weirdness of a blind date. You also likely know the same people or work in the same industry or something — it’s better built-in conversation than with an online date.

6There’s something kind of old school about it.

There’s something sort of charming about getting set up by a friend and the fact that another person actually agreed to it, too. If anything, you’re bound to share the same sense of adventure (or desperation) as this other person. That’s kind of sweet!

7The make great stories.

Blind dates can be sweet AND scary. Which is why blind date stories, whether it goes swimmingly or spirals around the toilet, are the best. The worst thing that happens is you have to kindly ask your friends to never set you up with someone ever again.