7 reasons why it’s okay to need alone time — even if you are happy in your relationship

When you first enter into a relationship with someone you like, it’s normal to want to spend the majority of your time with that person. Typically, though, your initial obsession will fade into something more sustainable and normal as time goes on — and you might find yourself in need of some good old fashioned quiet time. We’re hear to tell you that this is TOTALLY OKAY, and you shouldn’t feel bad for wanting to carve out some time for yourself, outside of your partner, even if your relationship is totally awesome.

Here are 10 reasons it’s A-OKAY to not spend every waking moment with your partner:

1You’re not defined by your relationships

You are a ridiculously fabulous person with your own ideas, philosophies, and goals. In entering a relationship, you’re choosing to spend time with another ridiculously fabulous person with their own ideas, philosophies, and goals. Being in a relationship doesn’t make you more awesome, it just means you have another awesome person in your life! So don’t worry if you need a day to chill — on your own or with some of your other friends.

2You might need to recharge

You don’t have to be shy to be an introvert; even really outgoing people might need to rest and recharge on their own sometimes. If this is you, never fear, you’re normal! Communicate with your partner that you’re feeling a little introverted and want to spend the day with a book or Netflix. No biggie.

3You have (gasp!) different interests

You don’t need to have everything in common with your partner, believe it or not! While some overlap is nice, it’s totally healthy and acceptable for your interests to exist independently from one another. Maybe they’re more into reading and you’re more into video games. Maybe they like the great outdoors and you’d be cool with staying inside for the rest of eternity. Regardless, neither of you should give up the stuff you love just so you can spend more time with your significant other.

4You just gotta catch up on your shows

In the same way that you don’t need to share hobbies with your S.O., you also don’t need to share all of your shows with them. You’re two different people – it’s natural you’re going to be into different things sometimes. Instead of making either of you sit through something you don’t enjoy, just watch the shows you like on your own! Everybody wins.

5Love is about support and respect, not constant attention

If you’re in a supportive, trusting relationship, a few hours or days apart is not going to raise any red flags for either of you. You should look for a partner that supports your interests and goals, even if they don’t directly involve your S.O. — and you should do the same for them.

6You’ll have more to talk about later

Seriously! When you finally DO meet up with your S.O., you’ll have so many more things to chat about than if you’d just spent the whole day together. Think of the stories you’ll tell!

7You are not half a person. You’re a whole person

The words “you complete me” are super romantic, sure, but unnecessary. You don’t need to be completed, because you’re already complete! Spending time with someone you really like is just an awesome bonus.

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