7 photos of the 1999 Emmys that will remind you what a perfect year it was

When it comes to nostalgia, we know it goes without saying that we all collectively adore the ’90s. And what better represents the peak of all things ’90s than the 1999 Emmys? We see some of our favorite couples, the epitome of ’90s fashion, and of course, tons and tons of glitter. While many of us continue to watch and love the Emmys as years go by, there is something strangely satisfying about looking back at decades gone by and seeing how dated yet familiar everything looks.

Take a trip down memory lane and see for yourself!

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston were still a couple (and OMG her hair is the most 1999 thing to ever happen, except maybe his goatee)

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick looking like a couple of babies, making our hearts swoon

Jodie Foster brightening the afternoon in pastels

Queen of the '90s, Sarah Michelle Gellar, dazzling in a bright blue halter top (of course it was a halter top) — with matching accessories, naturally

Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt made everybody go "aww." Also she is an ageless unicorn.

Kristen Johnson and Debra Messing made us all laugh until our stomachs hurt

And last but not least, how can we forget Keri Russell's freshly chopped lovely locks? PEAK 1999 RIGHT HERE.


There’s pretty much no way the 2016 Emmys are going to be able to compete with this level of awesomeness, but we’re willing to give them a shot.

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