7 magical jelly bean cakes that are giving us cravings on National Jelly Bean day!

It doesn’t matter that Easter is over, jelly beans are inarguably good year-round. You can argue over flavors, you can squabble over brands, but when you get that perfect jelly bean in your mouth, it’s happy time. But is there a way to make these tiny jewel-like snacks better? Like, say, for National Jelly Bean day?

Of course there is. Because cake exists.

That’s right, we’re talking jelly bean CAKE here today, to take your consumption up another sugary notch. Here are some of the most rainbowlishious, pinterest-bragging-rights JB cakes we’ve found.

1Rainbow cake, rainbow sweets.

We love the exposed sides and the slightly funky-formed beans.

2Who needs icing?

Cake+jellies+Kit-Kats. GENIUS.

3Better than a pot of gold!


Thanks for the gold, leprechaun, but we’ll take the jellies at the bottom of this rainbow, thanks!


It’s a cake that’s actually a box of jellies that’s actually more cake! MIND BLOWN.

5Mosaic magic.

This belongs in a museum. The museum is called “our bellies.”

6Who did this.

Home bakers may get a bad rep, but whoever decided to FILL a CAKE with JELLY BEANS deserves a Michelin star.

7Best for last

We don’t know how this is real, but we know it is beautiful, and that is all that matters to us. Please get us this.