7 “immature” habits you should feel free to keep doing until you die

People have so many opinions about the choices other people make, and sometimes it’s hard not to feel judged. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with other people’s ideas about how you should date someone, break up with someone, and basically live your life. Here’s a big one: ideas about how you should “grow up.” Sure, some parts of adulting, like holding down a job, paying your rent, and becoming the best version of yourself is necessary. But that doesn’t mean that you have to give up some immature habits. In fact, there are tons of immature habits you should never, ever give up.

Because are these habits really “immature” anyway?”

Well, maybe some of them are. But what does it matter? Not everything is either one way or another, so if you’re perfectly content with the way your life is going, don’t change a thing. It’s possible that people will judge you for some things, but you should absolutely free to ignore those people.

Here are some immature habits you should never give up.

1Eating cereal for dinner.

Or your mac and cheese right out of the pot. You could be eating healthy and meal planning and all of that, but sometimes it’s just not possible. You can have breakfast for dinner whenever you want. And you should most definitely eat it in your underwear while watching bad television.

2Sleeping in.

Sleeping in is generally discouraged for adults. But if you have a morning where you don’t have to do absolutely anything, go for it. Roll around till after noon. Your bed is amazing. Love it.

3Venting on social media.

Complaining about your life on social media might seem like something only younger people do, but what the hell? That’s what it’s there for! If you need to rant about a breakup or a person that’s bothering you or even just that you hate your job on Twitter, go for it. People can mute or unfollow you if they don’t like it.

4Watching cartoons.

Or Disney movies. Watching the Little Mermaid once a month is not a bad thing to do. They’re honestly really great, and as you get older, you can at least spot the coded misogyny and racism. Don’t let anyone make you change the channel.

5Crying whenever you want.

Alright, people hate when women cry. It makes them uncomfortable, or worse, it makes them judge women as weak. But even if some people don’t know how to handle other people’s emotional expressions, that’s their problem — crying does not make you weak. Kids are so lucky that they get to scream and cry whenever they’re pissed off without judgment. Please don’t have a temper tantrum in the supermarket, but finding a way to feel all your feelings will be good for you. Cry over spilled milk. That stuff sucks.

6Making snap decisions.

Impulsivity is supposedly a sign of immaturity, but it’s also what makes life fun. Don’t think too hard about something that your gut is telling you you just have to do. Book that plane ticket and don’t feel bad about it. Eat ALL the chips. Being impulsive is fun.

7Laughing at fart jokes.

Or calling people names. Having a 10-year-old boys sense of humor is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone already knows that you’re super smart, but until you can appreciate a cheesy pun, are you even living?

Don’t be afraid to be a little immature sometimes. It probably just means you’re having more fun than other people. And eating good junk food.