7 healthy booze drinks that are packed with nutrients

Generally speaking, drinking alcohol is not great for diet. But what if you pack your booze with nutrients? Does that count? Eh, it’s probably not recommended by a doctor, but if you’re adding fresh herbs and real juices to your cocktails, it’s not like that’s a bad thing. It’s also summer now, which makes it a perfect time to experiment with refreshing mixers.

Packing vitamins into your booze is a great idea.

Not only is it (probably) better for you, cocktails made with real veggies and herbs just makes everything taste yummier. So pick your poison, er, liquor of choice, slice up some lemons and limes, and start mixing up one of these super delicious and probably healthy cocktails right this very minute. You had a long day and totally deserve it.

Here are a couple places to start:

1Ginger and Rum

Rum and ginger were basically made for each other. You could use plain old ginger ale, but we suggest adding some actual fresh ginger. Muddle it up with a little lime, add the rum, and top it off club soda. Boom — anti-inflammatory heaven. If you add fresh mint, you can call it a modified mojito.

2Rum and Aloe


This one is from the Roosevelt Room in Austin, Texas, and it sounds so good! They call it the Huli Pau and it’s made with  rum, aloe juice, coconut cream, pineapple, mint, tarragon and peanut oil. Sounds weird, but you’ll be totally hydrated.

3Watermelon and Everything

You should make this one in a blender. Vodka would probably work best for this, or a white rum. Mix in watermelon juice, lime juice, and a bunch of ice. Add super fresh mint. Refreshing, right?

4Pomegranate and Lime

Pomegranate juice is full of antioxidants. Keep it simple and mix it with whatever tastes good to you (whiskey might surprise you here) top off with a little club soda, and add a lime or lemon to it. If you add a few pomegranate seeds to the top, your friends will be very impressed.

5Green Bloody Mary

These are popping up at hip bars all over the place. Swap out your V8, and squeeze some tomatillos instead. Add cucumber juice, a little parsley, and jalapeno to it. Don’t forget the vodka obvs. Blend that stuff up because basically everything green is good for you.

6Citrusy Cider

Oh hai, vitamin C. So squeeze some fresh OJ with a little lemon juice. Shake with bourbon and ice, and this will definitely cure whatever ails you. If you feel fancy, do like Bacchanal Wine in New Orleans, and add some passion fruit, Aperol, and prosecco to it. NOLA knows how to do things right.

7Fruit Punch

Over at Lloyd Taco Factory in Buffalo, New York, they mix tequila, ginger beer, Campari, and fresh grapefruit juice to make their boozy punch. Or you can go the frat house way (and also stay healthy) by mixing fresh lemonade, muddled strawberries and raspberries, your liquor of choice, and some club soda.

Cocktails are the best. And they’re even better when you can feel that fresh ginger working its magic. Have a healthy cocktail on us!