7 funny things that happen when you’re having really amazing sex with someone

If you think about it, sex is pretty hilarious. There’s nothing shameful about our bodies, obviously, but two naked people bumping and grinding? It definitely has comic appeal. We might not notice it because we’re so turned on, but there are a lot of funny things that happen when you’re having amazing sex with someone. If they’re super awkward and funny, you’ll definitely notice it. But what’s a little embarrassment if you’re getting it on?

The awkward things that happen during sex are totally worth it!

If you’re breaking furniture and making weird noises, that means you’re definitely doing it right, in every sense of the phrase. That’s the beauty of finding a great partner to bang, whether it’s a long-term thing or just a fling, having great sex means you’re totally at ease with yourself and the person (people? YOLO) you’re with. Nothing is hotter than that.

So, if you’re breaking into rolling laughter while you’re in doggy style, don’t be ashamed. Ridiculous things happen during sex all the time. Here are just a few of them that pretty much anyone who’e sexually active can relate to.

1The sound effects.

If you’re really getting down, sometimes the sound effects can get pretty ridiculous, even to the point of distraction. Maybe you catch yourself making a weird noise; maybe the other person is. Even more hilarious, especially if you have a 7-year-old’s sense of humor is a the rare fart mid sex or a queef (when air leaves your vagina and makes a noise on its way out). Totally normal, and yes, often so funny.

2You lose your balance.

Having good sex means that you might be trying out different positions and angles. Falling off the side of bed, slipping fro your perch on a chair, or straight up toppling over during standing sex is rife with comic relief.

3The dog is watching.

Or your cat or whatever other animal is in your house. Nothing is more unnerving than catching your dog’s eye while riding your partner. Why do they always wander in just when you get started?

4You notice your boobs.

This is for the larger-chested woman, but sometimes your boobs will be bouncing around like crazy, and if you’re the kind of person who thinks too much, it can be a little distracting.

5He misses.

If you’re having sex with a guy, it’s always a gamble about where he’ll end up ejaculating. Sometimes it’s not always his fault — an orgasm can happen fast and if he’s not aiming right when he finishes without a condom, you’re bound to get it somewhere.

6Something gets stuck.

If you use sex toys or vibrators, there are tons of awkward moments. Hopefully, you don’t get an injury that you’ll have to explain to an ER nurse, but even the most experienced butt plug user can overdo it sometimes. Ouch.

7Everyone can hear you.

It’s usually pretty hysterical when your next door neighbor bangs on a wall while you’re doing it, or you walk out of your room and every single one of your roommates gives you the thumbs up. If anything, those bumps and groans just mean you’re getting it good, but it’s still a little cringeworthy.

Having sex can be the best thing ever, and when you’re enjoying it, any number of weird and funny things can happen. Just remember to laugh it off and be thankful you’re getting some. We should all be so lucky as to break the bed frame.

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