7 free and low-cost self-care tactics that are getting us through the year

Whether you’re worried about the incoming administration, the effects of climate change, the state of race relations…oh yeah, or those things like jobs, money, and personal relationships, 2017 feels like a tough year. One of the things that can be hardest for women is to set aside time for self-care, especially when your budget is tight. We know, however, that self-care can be important, both for your sense of self-worth and to fuel you for tough days.

So we asked our awesome writers and editors for some of their favorite ways to indulge in self-care without breaking the bank. No $500 spa treatments or escapes to Monaco allowed. Here’s a few we hope you can use to make your days a little brighter

1 Hit the open road.

"Going on a drive – whether it’s along the PCH and pulling over to look at constellations and listen to the waves (nature is a great reminder about life, appreciating our surroundings and that there’s more out there) or going on a day trip to a nearby destination, like Santa Barbara." - Natalia L

2. Tea is everything.

"I love going to the beach with a cup of tea and just breathing in and out. It's like a mini meditation without any fee." - Johnni M

3. Your kitchen may hold self-care miracles!

"Making my own scrubs from things I have lying around the house (Epsom salt, olive oil and lemon juice works wonders for the skin, haha)" – Ashley R

4. Check out free ones  here and  here.

"Listening to meditation playlists." - Brittany B

5. Of course pizza counts, are you kidding?

"Ordering a fancy, expensive pizza with all the goodies, so for me feta cheese, spinach, tomatoes, pineapple, hot sauce, and red pepper flakes."  - Rachel L

6. Two votes for moisturizing!

"Sheet masks, foam masks, sleeping packs, body lotion and oil. Being moisturized doesn't change that I'm angry and frustrated at the world, but life is infinitely more irritating when your skin's dry." - Lily M

"Moisturizing! Of course, you have to already have some moisturizer, but just lotioning up makes me feel like I'm doing something for myself even on a microlevel. Plus, who wants to wring dry, cracked hands? Better to keep those puppies soft and smooth." - Chelsea D

7. Life happens too fast sometimes.

"I have high anxiety, and the words my therapist constantly reminds me of are 'SLOW DOWN.' Even five minutes with a yummy smelling candle and some deep breathing feels like I'm remembering to tend to myself. -Jessica E

Self-care doesn’t have to be pricey, but its worth is priceless! Get out there and pamper yourself today, whatever your bank account looks like.