7 fake leather jackets to help you embrace your ~edgiest self~ this fall

It’s FINALLY the season of cold weather. Like, TG! We’re so grateful for cooler weather because it means we get to be our most stylish selves. By far our most essential cold weather item is, of course, the killer leather jacket. Er, well, the killer fake leather jacket. We seriously love how functional fake leather jackets are and how ~cool~ they make us feel. Here’s just a few of our faves!

1. This sweet Burgundy Leather Jacket from Forever21 ($33)


So affordable, and so trendy! We just love the color.

2. This Blank NYC Kiss and Tell Vegan Leather Jacket ($148)


All black everything is oh-so-chic!

3. This Ride It Out Vegan Leather Moto Jacket ($148)


That fur hood is functional and super cute.

4. This Hello Moto Vegan Leather Jacket ($118)


We adore the faded texture of this vegan leather jacket.

5. This BB Dakota Vegan Leather Waterfall Jacket ($89)


What an ah-mazing collar! This is seriously a work of art.

6. This Sparkle & Fade Shrunken Vegan Moto Jacket ($99)


This cropped jacket pairs perfectly with so many outfits. Hello, #StyleGoals!

7. This Oasis Faux Leather Collarless Jacket ($75)


That chestnut color is calling to the most fashionable part of our souls.

Praise for fake leather jackets for letting us be cool AF without stressing about the impact it has on animals!