The ‘7 Days in Hell’ teaser (featuring Jon Snow!) has stolen our hearts

Heads up, everyone: Jon Snow—sorry, I mean, Kit Harington—and Andy Samberg are together in a mockumentary that is sure to steal our hearts and make us laugh until we cry.

HBO just released a teaser for 7 Days In Hell, which is about a fictional seven-day tennis match between Aaron Williams (Samberg, featuring a totally insane blonde mullet) and Charles Poole (Harington, with his lovely locks as always. . . TIED UP INTO A MAN BUN. SERIOUSLY). The actors go head to head in this ridiculously long tennis match, even as commentators beg for it to end. . . hilarity ensues. It reminds us a lot of Blades of Glory, except tennis instead of ice skating. Hey, we’re all for that.

The mockumentary is totally star-studded, with appearances of stars like Lena Dunham, Serena Williams, and Last Man On Earth star Will Forte, who dramatically comment on the match to the camera man.

“It wasn’t even a match. It was. . . it was something else,” Serena Williams says.

“It was two men stuck in eternal flames,” a bearded Will Forte, dressed in a spectacular blazer with little tennis rackets on it, says with hysterical seriousness. “It was”–he stops and looks at the camera–“seven days in hell.” “Why you looking at the lens?” the camera man asks. “Because I think that would make a good title,” Forte’s character bluntly says.

But the last ten seconds are what truly made us curious. Elevator fights? And why in the world is Kit’s character just standing stupidly facing the wall here?

Oh, and can’t forget about a possible awkward kiss:

Based on the trailer alone, it looks like 7 Days In Hell will be absolutely hysterical. And hey, we’re pretty pumped to see Kit flex his comedy muscles instead of defending the North against the upcoming winter.

The mockumentary premieres on July 11 on HBO, and we will certainly be tuning in to see the awesomeness unfold.

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