7 chocolatey breakfast bowls that are the perfect excuse to eat dessert 24/7

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But breakfast can be SO BORING. What better way to step up your breakfast game than with chocolate?! These chocolatey breakfast bowls are seriously recipe #goals. And it makes sense! After all, breakfast bowls are definitely *the* food trend of 2016. Thanks to Instagram account @eatnourishlove, AKA Ayten, we’ve got so many ah-mazing recipes to try until we find the perfect breakfast bowl.

1. This mixed berry and chocolate chunk bowl:


Ayten explains,

"tucking into the creamiest MIXED BERRY YOGHURT OATS 🍇 banana, @linwoodshealthfoods flax, @belovedates date heart, @squareorganics nuts & sea salt and chopped @getcrackin pistachio nuts!"

2. These banana cacao oats:


Ayten explains,

"CREAMY PEANUT OATS 💛 with banana, @belovedates fruit date heart, Trick or Treat @nutribombz, @myvitaminsuk cacao nibs 🍫"

3. This vanilla chai chocolate bowl:


Ayten explains,

"urrently glued to the TV with this delish bowl of goods... has anyone tried the @exoprotein bars yet? this coconut nut one is definitely my favourite 😍 and this oatmeal... @planethempsuperfoods vanilla chai SO DAMN GOOD. obvs with my staple banana & @belovedates fruit date heart 💜"

4. This banana vanilla bowl:


Ayten explains,

"starting the day with a comforting bowl of VANILLA CHAI OATS. omg. yum. I don't think I've had vanilla chai before... so good💚 with banana, @squareorganics nuts & sea salt, @belovedates date heart, @linwoodshealthfoods flax & @munchyseeds."

5. These chocolate vanilla chai oats


Ayten explains,

"@quakeroatsuk oats • @planethempsuperfoods vanilla chai protein / hemp seeds • @thatprotein choca mocha • @superfoodio moringa • @love_sugavida palmyra tree blossom sugar • @ufitdrinks iced latte 👊 topped with all the goods... banana, @linwoodshealthfoods flax, @naturespathuk coconut chia granola, @belovedates fruit date heart, @hangryfoodco original nutter, @dynabitesuk coco boom 🍫"

6. This chocolate mocha chia pudding:


Ayten explains,

"CHOCA MOCHA CHIA PUD 🍫 [150g @thecollectiveuk straight up • @missfitsnutrition choc protein • 1tsp @thatprotein choca mocha • 1tblsp @rawhealthorganic chia seeds] 🍌 banana, @exoprotein blueberry bar, @belovedates date heart, @linwoodshealthfoods flax, @bonpomstagram bee pollen 🐝"

7. This berry chia bowl:


Ayten explains,

"If you've never had this combo, get on it🍇 BERRY CHIA PUDDING [150g @thecollectiveuk straight up • mixed berry @missfitsnutrition protein • 1T @myvitaminsuk chia seeds • 1t @hybridherbs dragon fruit pitaya powder - mix it all together leave in fridge overnight]🍌 banana, @nakdwholefoods posh bite, @squareorganics cherry coconut, @munchyseeds super berry, @linwoodshealthfoods flax"

Here’s to happier breakfasts! Because a chocolate-filled breakfast is a happy one.