7 Childhood Movies That Make Divorce Seem Fun

Thanks to these movies, when my parents got divorced I was like GREAT! Let the fun begin! But instead I ended up crying into my pillow every night.

1) Mrs. Doubtfire

Expectation: That new babysitters/nannies are potentially dear ol’ dad in disguise, hilariously violating the custody agreement with a polished foreign accent and an impressive body suit. But, with no respect for dessert.

Reality: A string of boring teenaged babysitters who invited their boyfriends over and sent you to bed early and a short-lived rebellion via run by fruitings.

2 & 3) All I Want For Christmas & The Parent Trap

Expectation: That through a series of adorable hijinks and trickery, you and your sibling can get your parents back together.

Reality: You got scolded for said hijinks and the twin switch failed miserably because your sibling is two years younger than you. And is a different gender.

4) Liar Liar

Expectation: That your birthday wishes can come true and control your absentee father, thereby forcing him to reexamine his life.

Reality: Not a single one of your wishes came true. No puppy, no super powers, no re-marriage – and your Dad lied more than EVER!

5) House Arrest

Expectation: That your parents don’t really want to get divorced, they just need some quiet time to sort out their issues. Locking them in your basement should do the trick! Of course, your friends catch on to your plan and decide their divorcing parents need some time outs too, so you hold half a dozen adults hostage while you kids take over the house. It’s win – win!

Reality: This was more of a resources issue than anything. How were you supposed to board up your basement door when the only hammer you had went with this game?

7) Monkey Trouble

Expectation: That you can fully exploit the benefits of having two households by secretly getting a monkey or other types of exotic pets, like barn owls.

Reality: Sea Monkeys.

6) The Santa Clause

Expectation: Your parents’ divorce triggers amazing, magical changes – like Dad becoming Santa Claus!

Reality: The only things your parents changed were the locks. You also found out the truth about Santa…

While real divorce isn’t full of the hijinks you see in the movies, one thing these movies do get right is that there is always someone to turn to during a tough time, whether it be a babysitter, a sibling, a friend, a pet or a lawyer.  Plus, the good news is monkeys aren’t as hard to come by anymore!  You can probably pick one up at your local Ikea. 

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