7 ’90s snacks that will make your inner kid pretty nostalgic (and hungry)

Buzzfeed recently posted a video that made snack nostalgia soar. And we’re onboard with it since, hey, the ’90s gets credit for some of the best movies, books, and TV shows to date and too often, people forget about the snacks we noshed on while watching them. This is clearly a criminal oversight since what you snack on while you watch something is arguably at least as important as what you watch.

The video itself was somewhat of a (delicious) test. How many of these snacks can you recognize, based solely on sight?


Here’s a Cheat Sheet of the snacks featured:

1. Dunkaroos

Dunkaroos were so amazing, that even Prince had some in his fridge at all times. It’s hard to forget this do-it-yourself icing snack. In fact, you might have had your own method. Like, maybe you were a little cheap with icing the cookies until you got to the very last one, in which you just piled on the delicious remainder. Or, maybe you just ate the icing straight. Hey, nobody’s telling you how to live.

This snack was pretty much discontinued. They’re still in production, but it’s been scaled back to an alarming rate. For example, you can still find them on Amazon (for a ridiculous price, but still).

2. Ring Pops

It’s a ring you can eat! Just make sure not to wear it out in public, since it might get a tad bit gross.

Let’s throw to commercial for this one:


While Ring Pops aren’t as huge as they used to be, they’re definitely still around. They should be available almost anywhere, from your local candy shop, to Target.

3. Vanilla Coke

OK, so after watching this particular scene about 15 times, there’s a 95% chance that it’s Vanilla Coke that’s featured. The only problem? It was technically released back in 2002. So it’s not really a ’90s thing, but we’ll let this one slide. While Vanilla Coke was discontinued in 2005, it was resurrected back in 2007. You should have no problem picking up a case today.

4. Fruit Stripe Gum

Yipes! Stripes! Fruit Stripe Gum! If you were allowed to chew gum, there’s a great chance you went right to the Fruit Stripe. (If not, it was probably Bubble Tape, which is another solid product.) Since the song is so memorable, let’s watch this old commercial for the product that aired back in the early ’90s.


If you want to truly feel young again, you can still pick up a pack (or 12). While it’s still around, you probably haven’t noticed it the way you did when you were a kid.

5. Dinosaur Eggs Oatmeal

Looking back, the whole “I’m hatching dinosaurs in my breakfast” concept is a little gross. But since it was so tasty, we didn’t really think that far into it. It looks as if this famous Quaker product is still around — it’s just limited as to where. You can stock up and get 4 boxes of it (or, 32 oatmeal packs total) from Amazon if you’re curious to see if it still holds up.

6. E.L. Fudge Elfwich Cookies

This, right here, is childhood. It’s unclear as to why these cookies tasted so good. Maybe it was because they were made by elves in a tree. Who knows. The good news is, these are definitely still in production — most Walmart, Target, and Wegmans locations have them. You can double check before you go out to shop by checking out the map on the official Keebler website.

7. Baby Bottle Pops

Remember how baby products were super cool back then? Raise your hand if you had a necklace with a pacifier on it. Why were those a thing?

But, let’s go back to the key focus here: snacks. Just like Fruit Stripe Gum, Baby Bottle Pops had an effective theme song that got stuck in your head all day.


And yes, they’re still available. And growing! In fact, they just introduced a “Crunch” variety in 2010. While you might not have tried one since the ’90s, kids today are still into them.

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