Someone recut the “Stranger Things” trailer to look like an ’80s sitcom and we can’t stop laughing

The internet’s love for Stranger Things is well documented, with universal love decreed for Barb, a renewed interest in Dungeons & Dragons, and an obsession with tracking down all the show’s movie references. Well, here’s our latest Stranger Things obsession: one man recut the Stranger Things trailer to look like an ’80s sitcom and we can’t stop laughing:

The fake trailer, created by YouTube user Tim Bennett, has over a thousand views and growing. It highlights all our favorite characters without hinting at the darkness taking over their town. It’s amazing how a change in editing and music can affect a show’s entire feel!

Of course, this isn’t the first time a popular show has been recut to resemble a sitcom and posted on YouTube. The Office recut as a “classic sitcom” garnered over 400,000 views, and we’re sure the kids of Stranger Things would appreciate this ’80s sitcom version of The Exorcist. Even spooky Lost received this fun treatment.

We can’t stop watching Tim Bennett’s bizarre trailer, and hope he uses his mad editing skills on other beloved shows!

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