This 62-year-old grandma is a green screen queen, and the internet is obsessed with her

We each have special talents, and if we’re lucky enough, those gifts could make us internet famous like Tatiana Subbotina, a 62-year-old Russian grandma, aka YouTube’s unofficial green screen queen. While other well-known internet personalities have found their niches in creating viral makeup tutorials, comedic clips, or videos that show off their musical talents, Subbotina’s dedication to honing her chroma key compositing skills has skyrocketed her special effects YouTube tutorials to “need to watch” status.

And for those of you who are all meh about sitting through visual how-to lessons on post-production film effects, you’re not alone. We usually feel that way too, except we can’t help but be lured in by Subbotina’s extraordinarily charming videos.

For the doubters, the internet concurs (and who can argue with that?). As BuzzFeed reports, the YouTube star begin filming her lively green screen tutorials after she taught herself the skill using Premier Pro editing software. Collectively, her videos have amassed hundreds of thousands of views, and her subscribers absolutely adore her.

Get into Subbotina’s green suit, which she sewed herself.

At the moment, we’re obsessing over Subbotina’s horse-riding video.

And we’re living for this sexy music-backed underwater video.

Too cute! She’s a boss all on her own, but we’re looking forward to seeing her partner up with others in her field. For example, we could see her doing some beautiful work with that guy who randomly used the Olympic tennis court as a green screen.

In the meantime, someone get Subbotina verified because she is clearly the real deal. We’re off to binge-watch her videos, and maybe glean some green screen knowledge in the process  — once we get a hold of a translator.