Whoa, this 60-year-old just gave birth to twins!

Women in their late 30’s often freak out because — as the myth goes — fertility is about to drop real soon. So if you reach a certain age, and want to give birth to biological children but haven’t found the guy you’d want to have them with (or who’d be fine donating some DNA your way) it’s certainly reasonable to panic.



But, here’s some good news — there are a few women who making news by defying the odds, making it seem like having children later in life is a breeze. Surely we’ve all heard the news about Janet Jackson (who is sporting an adorable bump at the age of 50) but have you heard of Claudette Cook? If not, you should. At the age of 60, she just gave birth to a set of healthy twins!

While doctors told her it couldn’t be done, Cook really wanted to experience motherhood — so she underwent in vitro fertilization (also known as IVF) with two donor eggs.


Cook, who delivered via c-section, stayed healthy and did everything right, and gave birth to Isaac and Isaiah this past Sunday. While they were premature by a month, everything seems completely fine, and they’ll be ready to go home with Cook and her husband, Ross, any day now.

“Isaiah came out first, and Isaac came out second,” Cook said. Her sweet new boys are fraternal twins.

While odds definitely go down tremendously the older you get, women like Cook remind us that age is just a number — and giving birth to biological children later in life is possible. If you find yourself wanting kids after the “your clock is ticking” years are over, a chat with your doctor about your options is a great route to take. And if you worry about being an old Mom? Hey — women like Janet and Claudette show us that not only can it be done, but it can be done well.

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