This 6-year-old snowboarder is here to make you feel like your adult self isn’t truly good at anything yet

Our foggy adult minds can’t recall any of our extraordinary childhood feats, although not falling off stage during a piano recital bow should count for something. As far as we can remember, 6-year-old snowboarder Nico is far more accomplished than we were at that age, and his skills are absolutely mind-blowing.

We watched in amazement as Nico handled the slopes like a seasoned pro because he’s just that impressive. If that 14-month-old snowboarding baby keeps practicing, this could be him in a few years.

Clearly it’s time for us to rethink our lives because children are out here snowboarding like experts before all of their adult teeth come in, and we’re feeling like all of the strides we’ve made so far just aren’t good enough.

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Alright, so our lives aren’t *that* bad, but still we can’t help but wonder how much further along we’d be by now if we hadn’t spent so much time fighting with our siblings and playing with toys instead of doing cool shit like this:

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Srsly, how is he like this?! Eventually, we’re going to stop racking our brains trying to comprehend Nico’s ridiculous capabilities, but not before we boggle your minds with the full clip of him absolutely killing it.

Side note: We’re not sure why this NSFW song was chosen to back a 6-year-old’s snowboarding highlights, but plug your ears or watch the vid on mute, because it’s too good to miss.

SO GOOD. BRB, we’re off to take a walk down memory lane to see where we went wrong in life.