A six-year-old made $11 million in one year reviewing toys on YouTube

In today’s edition of “wow, and I’m over here making poor financial decisions,” a six-year-old child has just made $11 million in one year for reviewing toys on YouTube. If you are not a child or the parent of a child, you may not know that the world of children’s toy videos is a crazy lucrative one. Just like we might watch a beauty vlogger apply makeup for 15 minutes, toddlers and young kids love watching other kids play with toys on YouTube. One of those kids is six-year-old Ryan, star of the “Ryan Toys Review” channel.

Forbes released its list of highest-paid YouTubers, and Ryan placed number eight on the list, having brought in $11 million in revenue from June 1, 2016 to June 1, 2017. He is the only child on Forbes’ highest-paid list, which is mostly filled with gamers.

Ryan’s videos feature him playing with toys, reviewing toys, and unboxing toys. He’s a cute, charming kid who seems to love being on camera. While Ryan is the star of his channel, the manpower behind his daily videos belongs to his parents.


"We post a new video every day, and we typically film two to three videos at a time two to three times per week, his mom told TubeFilter last year. “We try not to interfere with Ryan’s pre-pre-school schedule, so a majority of the filming takes place during the weekend, and then we’ll edit while he’s in school.

The money comes from advertisers who want to be in front of Ryan’s audience, especially when his average video gets around five million views, with some of his Halloween-themed videos grabbing up to 23 million views.

Whether it’s a beauty guru unboxing her KKW contour kit delivery or a child unboxing their latest toy — people, especially young people and children, really want to see the things that other people are buying and loving.

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