This awesome 6-year-old just dropped the mic on body image

The next time you don’t feel good about yourself, I want you to think of six-year-old Semra Aniston Young. This Kansas City kindergartener broke the Internet yesterday when a picture of her writing assignment went viral. The prompt asked Semra to share something she liked about herself. Her answer? Her body.

Okay, technically her answer was a picture she drew of herself and the words, “I like my bodee,” and the misspelling makes it that much more adorable. However, it’s also a super poignant message. From a very early age, girls start feeling the pressure of not being good enough, comparing themselves to images in the media, but Semra is able to see what’s really important.

A lot of this is thanks to her awesome parents. Her mother, Kali Young, is an assistant principal at an elementary school, and knows first hand the self-esteem issues that young girls face. She told The Huffington Post about how it all went down:

That’s because her parents have been very careful with the language and perspective they use while raising Semra. All of the emphasis is on inner beauty.

As they should be. It seems like Semra is on her way to being a confident and strong young lady, and we hope she keeps inspiring us to do the same.

(Image via Kali Young)

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