6-Year-Old “B-Girl Terra” Serves It Up Hot

6-year-old British “B-Girl Terra” makes me want to have children. Is that weird? First of all, please look at her tiny tracksuit. At the risk of sounding like one of those girls, yes, I am excited to have a mini-me to dress in things like tiny tracksuits. She’ll be Sporty Spice one day and Nicole Richie boho-baby the next. It’s going to be great and she will end up having like, 247 sartorial identities to choose from by the time she’s able to do so.

Second, please watch “B-Girl Terra” TOTALLY serve her male counterpart in this break dance “Baby Battle” (from Paris’ Chelles Battle Pro 2013 competition) of epic proportions. Don’t get me wrong, the little boy can ball out too, but Terra spins on her head and skips to her loo right off the stage, as if she were wearing a petticoat and Mary Janes. I will look past the fact that she seemingly threatens to slit the dude kid’s throat before said serving, but only because she scares me a little. Homegirl kills it. Figuratively.


Want to kidnap and/or tell Terra how amazing she is? You can find more videos and her UK B-Boy dance group, Soul Mavericks, here and here. (Don’t seriously kidnap her though. I’m guessing her parents want to keep her.) Marques Houston & the rest of B2K ain’t got NOTHIN’ on Terra.