6 woman-owned businesses to shop for back-to-school gear no one else will have

The school year is approaching, and that means we’re officially in back-to-school shopping season. This year, why not try something different and challenge yourself to buy your gear from brands owned and run by women?

In a capitalist economy, where you choose to spend your dollars can be a profound political statement (and a great way to support communities). Buying from woman-owned, queer-owned, or POC-owned brands is a powerful way to promote non hetero-white-male business owners. Money really does talk, so you might as well make your money say the same things that you do.

If you’re saying “Women rule!” then consider buying from women-run brands this back-to-school season. Plus, since these brands are still getting off the ground, you’ll probably be the only one rocking these clothes and accessories. And what’s cooler than that?

Here are six woman-owned businesses to patronize for your back-to-school gear.

1 Hola Chola Inc.

Susanna Gonzalez of Hola Chola makes Mexican culture-inspired jackets, like the one shown here. Contact her through Instagram to learn more.

2 Susan Alexandra

Alexandra’s bags are sold at Opening Ceremony, and her jewelry is really some of the most unique stuff you can find online. Check out her website!

3 Ellen Van Dusen’s brand, Dusen Dusen

Van Dusen’s clothing can be found at Anthropologie or on her website, dusendusen.com. Her designs have been worn by Aidy Bryant, who always chooses fun and cute styles.

4 Wildfang

Woman-owned, Portland-based clothing brand Wildfang sells gender-neutral styles. It’s all very trendy and will definitely make you stand out at school.

5 Our Second Nature

This brand sells reasonably priced simple pieces that are as comfy as they are beautiful. Check out the brand’s website, and follow along on Instagram to fulfill all of your artsy, muted-tone dreams.

6 Universal Standard

Universal Standard offers clothing in sizes 10-28, and its website includes an admirable manifesto:

"We had become tired of making compromises, of always settling for what 'worked' instead of what we really wanted, of sacrificing freedom of choice and personal style because of an arbitrary dividing line determined by size."

This is exactly why women-owned brands and businesses are so important to shop. Why would we want to buy clothing from a brand that doesn’t understand women?

Nothing screams “Girl Power!” more than shopping from women-owned businesses.