6 weird social media behaviors you only do when you have a crush

Back in the day when you had a crush, you’d ~accidentally on purpose~ do tons of weird things to get their attention: Take a route to class that was out of your way but increased your likelihood of running into them, shock yourself with a louder than usual laugh, and a ton of other stupid things. And alas, in the digital age there’s just a whole bunch of other weird social media behaviors we do when crushing on someone that we should all be a little embarrassed about.

Not too embarrassed, of course, since we all do some weird shit when our hearts are aflutter. Having a crush in the modern age is way more fun than it was before there was social media. So many tools to help you! So many pictures to look at, friend networks to map. Oh, they’re going to that concert next weekend, too? Peeeerfect.

Yes, things get weird on social media when you have a new crush.

Whether it’s creeping around on their timelines (and their friends’ timelines, and their friends’ friends’ timelines…) or posting more than you normally do once you make that social media connection, everyone does crazy weird things when they have a crush on and offline.

1You get to know all of their friends — before ever meeting them.

Well, aren’t you just the little social butterfly! Yes, stalking your crush’s social media presence is a given, but stalking all of their friends’ pages is extra. You know when you’re legit annoyed that their best friend’s Instagram page is marked “private” that something is off.

2And then you have a little breakdown.

There’s always the one person that likes and faves your crush’s posts and tweets. Who are they? Why are they so good looking? You crush is definitely banging them and has no idea who you are. You now can’t stop noticing every interaction between them and torture yourself about all the good times your crush has without you. Until you realize it’s their cousin.

3Your selfie game gets a little obnoxious.

Once you and your crush are following and friending each other on social media (YAY!), now you know they’re watching. It’s possible that you MIGHT be taking more pictures, in all the best places. They need to know what they’re missing.

4You have a lot to say.

Whereas you might usually hold back on the commenting and replying game, you suddenly have a strong desire to LOL at everything. Especially when you know your crush is in on it. Just make sure you’re editing your typos.

5A “like” changes everything.

You feel seriously joyful when you get a little social love from your crush. Like, it changes your entire mood. Until you know that your crush approves of your latest Instagram post, you can’t help refreshing your feed over and over again. It’s like waiting for a text message back, but worse. Oh, the things we do to ourselves.

6You’re scoping the background.

Snapchat and Instagram Stories are like having security footage of every event your crush might attend. It’s possible that you’re watching your friends’ footage from the bar last night trying to peep your new crush in the background. On the other hand, is it bad to be absolutely thrilled that your crush isn’t doing anything except Snapchatting their night out? That means they could use a little distraction, right?

Social media turns all of us into weird detectives when we have a crush. Don’t feel lame, though: We all do the same things to learn about our crush and try to get their attention. It’s all a mating game after all, right?

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