6 ways your friends react when you’re the “single friend” – and you *finally* get into a relationship

Every #squad has one, that friend who’s almost always single. Whether by choice or because dating is unnecessarily hard and swiping right just isn’t working anymore — we all know that one notoriously single friend (or we might be that friend). Now, don’t get us wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being single, but when you do finally get into a relationship, your friends might have some strong feelings. Who knew they were so comfortable with your (lack of) relationship status? Way to make it all about you, guys.

Your relationship isn’t just new territory for you — it’s also new for your best pals. Most people change when they’re dating someone, often changing up schedules, adapting different habits and hobbies, or even ditching their friends altogether (don’t be that person). So after you’ve been single for a long time, it’s reasonable to be prepared for your friends’ reactions as they process this new information.

Here are 6 ways your friends could react when you finally make it Facebook official.

1They might not even believe you at first.

If you’re the notoriously single friend of your group, the sudden change in your relationship status could be met with looks of disbelief. Your friends might not even believe you at first. It’s not that they don’t think you’re amazing, it’s just that you flying solo feels like such a part of their world that it can be hard to accept the change. Maybe they’ll bet on whether or not your new beau is actually real or someone you’ve created in your mind. They’ll probably take this moment to remind you that your favorite sex toy doesn’t count as a significant other and press you for more information about and photos of your person.

Don’t worry, they’ll eventually accept that your new S.O. is an actual human whom you did not make up.

2They’ll eventually be happy for you.

After you’ve provided adequate proof that you are, in fact, in a relationship with a real human person and not a fictional character, your friends will be happy for you. If your friends are even halfway decent (and we’re sure they’re the best), then if you’re happy then they’re gonna be happy for you (mostly because now you won’t have to die alone), and isn’t that what friendship is about?

3They’ll *finally* include you on double dates and couple’s weekends.

If you’ve been the only single member of your circle of friends, chances are you understand being left out of couples’ outings and you’ve mastered the art of being the third wheel. But now? You get to be a part of all the “couples only” brunches and events. And your friends won’t feel bad for having to leave you behind. Whether you actually want to go or not is up to you.

4They’ll press for more details about your new bew.

Because that’s what friends do. You already know all about their relationships, and now it’s your turn to dish. But if you’re still in the honeymoon-can’t-get-enough-of-each-other phase then you probably won’t mind talking about your new bae all the time anyway.

5Because they know you, they’ll definitely take bets on how long it’ll last.

You’ve been single since they’ve known you, there must be a reason. Maybe you get bored easily, maybe you’re more comfortable keeping a roster of boos, maybe commitment isn’t your thing, but accidentally self-sabotaging totally is. Whatever the reason, your friends will probably know you well enough to know if your new relationship will last (or at least think they know).

6They’ll always be there for you.

But after all is said and done, your friends (if they’re good friends) will always be there for you. They’ll offer advice when you need it, they’ll be there to talk you out of bad decisions, and they’ll drink with you after your first fight with your new person. We all need a little support from time to time.

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